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5 min readAug 23, 2021


We have heard the cries of those dying to play our game. And soon you shall! We will be launching our closed testing on August 31st.

This initial launch will mainly be for community members who have been extremely active and helpful. We have also selected the 20 (instead of 10) best answers in response to our tweet asking “what would you love to see in DeFi Land?”

These respondents will also be able to experience the closed testing version. Further, members of other communities (that you will find out soon, follow closely) will also have chances to enter the testing through quizzes, games, or whatever other methods they choose. In total, we will have about 200 testers to keep it small; the beta is reserved for only those who are passionate about DeFi Land! If you don’t make it to the v1.0 testing, no worries! There will be much more to come later in coming weeks.

Those who are accepted will receive an invitation code to try out the first version of our game. Upon putting the verification code in our website, users will have to register, connect their wallets and confirm it. Afterwards, they will play a tutorial, where testers will be introduced to different game objects, settings and overall mechanics. These users will receive rewards in the future for testing out our product and providing useful feedback, which will be critical to making improvements. Even though, we test everything on our side, we still expect to have some bugs, errors, wrong user flows, so feedback is vital for the game development. and We plan for testing to last for about two to three weeks.

Screenshot from the Alpha v1.0 of DeFi Land

To be clear, we will not be starting with complex systems such as yield optimization, guilds or battling other players. Our intention with this beta is to test whether the technical side of things works smoothly (swaps, farming, LP providing), make sure the UI looks nice and is intuitive, and secure a solid foundation that we can continue to build on. Players can expect the game to have more mechanics, story and comprehensive gameplay after v1.1.

The flow of starting to play DeFi Land will be a familiar online experience: log in, register, walk through a tutorial, and the fun begins! To make it clear, our game will be running on mainnet. So as it is in a testing phase, we would recommend to use new wallets for the safety reasons.

The initial version of DeFi Land will have no playable character, but our users can expect in v1.3. Testing version will have three main buildings: Market, Seed Lab, and House.

Swap UI for the Market building

The Market will be for performing swaps on Serum. Our developers highly optimized the infrastructure on the back end, and as a result the swaps will work quite fast, even relative to other well-established platforms that offer swaps. It is important to note that our game is noncustodial; users simply connect their wallet like they would on any other DeFi platform, and there is no need to deposit assets into DeFi Land.

The Seed Lab will be for liquidity provision to receive LP tokens. In particular, you will be able to provide liquidity through Raydium, as well as take advantage of all the other functionality its platform has to offer. Various concepts from Raydium are translated to farming actions in DeFi Land:

• Depositing assets to receive LP tokens = Creating seeds
• Staking LP tokens in Raydium’s farms = planting seeds in your fields
• Harvesting yield = harvesting the crops that grow from your seeds
• Staking/adding more LP tokens = Fertilizing your fields
• Unstaking LP tokens = extracting the seeds from your crops
• Turning LP tokens back into their underlying tokens = selling seeds

Swap UI for the Seed Lab building

Each major asset will be represented as a unique plant. For example, SOL will be sunflowers, COPE will be blueberries, and BTC will be corn. Lesser-known assets will all be represented as potatoes. Of course, these assets always have the potential to become major assets, so they may not always stay potatoes!

Finally, the House will be for displaying your portfolio, achievements, and inventory. (Yes, yes achievements, you heard it right) Users will be able to view a list of all their seeds, how each one has performed over a period of time, and the top performing assets. There will be another tab for achievements, which will list all the trophies you have earned. These trophies will be displayed as decorations in your house. Users will also be able to see their inventory such as trees and buildings that they can use to modify the landscape. They items will not be NFTs in the test version, but in coming weeks we will be introducing it.

You might be wondering how you can obtain the trophies mentioned above. DeFi Land will have quests that you can complete to gain XP. For example, saying “GM” will give you a certain amount of XP (leak!). There will be an XP leaderboard showing those with the most XP. Gaining enough XP will win you trophies and other rewards. These will be especially important when mainnet comes out.

The land and everything on it such as buildings and trees will all be prebuilt. However, we will also have an edit mode in which buildings can be rotated, objects such as trees can be added and removed, and more.

Of course, the testing version will also have all the functionality explained in our previous article Surveying the Landscape. We will start with support for Phantom, Sollet, and Solflare, and we will add more wallets in future iterations.

We plan to release weekly updates with new game mechanics, music tracks, assets, etc., so be sure to keep an eye out.

For those, who yet haven’t made to testing version, stay tuned! Various code giveaways are coming across the different places. Don’t forget to join our Discord and Telegram communities!

Get your tractors ready; harvest time is near!



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