DeFi Land Farmer’s Hall Report #6: Gen-0 Feeding Frenzy

Feed those hungry pets and support your team in the newest DeFi Land Team Challenge

​​Dear DeFi Landers,

Our farmers are going wild for their Gen-0 NFT pets this week, as our most competitive Team Competition heats up. The rules of our Team Competition are simple: every time you feed one of your P&E pets through Monday 8/22, you earn one point for your team. There is no surprise that the Monke whales took an early lead, but it looks like the great Pepe farmers aren’t giving up without a fight. And don’t discount Doge. They might be the underdoge, but they’re known to pick it up in the second half. Remember, no one will walk away a loser in our team competitions. Even if you are on the second or third place teams, you will receive a reward that is proportional to your contribution.

A 5-Mill Marketplace Milestone

The best NFT collecting experience is found on our homegrown NFT marketplace

New In-Game Achievements

Just last week, we introduced our biggest update so far in our Play & Earn chapter. This update brought new graphics and soundtracks, enhanced gameplay, Tulip integration, friendly NPCs, and increased pet rewards. This week, we followed up by adding new achievements for our players to chase. Players can now earn extra XP and trophies by completing tasks like customizing your name, completing NFT attribute upgrades, and petting your animals. Players who earn more XP have a chance to rise up the leaderboard and earn additional seasonal rewards.

A sneak peek of our friendly “Easy Mode” fishing pond

The Dream of DeFi Land Mobile

3D modeling for our mobile seed lab (without textures)



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