DeFi Land Farmer’s Hall Report #7: GM!

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3 min readAug 19, 2022


Good MOOorning DeFi Landers,

You may have noticed there has been quite a bit of mystery surrounding the meaning of GM this week. Could it represent a simple good morning, our brand-new game modes, or something even more special? We will keep it going for several more days. But before that let’s quickly cover this week’s updates:

Game Modes Have Arrived

Now, better scores = better rewards. Our top players will love game modes!

While other communities are talking about bear markets, we were building bear targets in the shooting range for our players to slay. You can select from Easy, Medium, and Hard modes in each active game. The reward (and the thrill!) is different in each game mode, providing a delightful gaming experience for every type of player. You can kick back in easy mode or challenge yourself in hard mode to maximize your earning potential. From visual environments to gameplay mechanics, you’ll also notice that this update incorporates tons of community feedback. We encourage you to read our full change log on Discord and play the games for a while to see the logic in our newest rebalancing. Overall, players have the chance to earn more, but rewards are now better correlated with your score.

0.16.0 Patch Notes

In other news:

  • Our NFT Marketplace topped 500 sales, including over 7.3 million $DFL and 129 $SOL in transactions. Our marketplace continues to be the fastest way to grab Gen-0 NFTs with 0% listing fees.
  • New use cases for $GOLDY and $DFL are ready to be rolled out over the coming weeks. Imminent use-cases include raffles with real-world prizes, energy boosting, and forging.
  • LP staking is finished and will be launched at the end of August. Support $DFL liquidity and earn bonus rewards through our own LP staking platform.

The next week will unveil several surprises but there is a new villager coming to your land. Can you guess who he is?

A mysterious DeFi Land Villager

Want to learn more about DeFi Land? DeFi Land is a unique, multi-chain agriculture-simulation game created to gamify all aspects of decentralized finance. Our mission is to make it simple and easy for anyone to take part in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto. We recently introduced our Play and Earn gameplay, where our players can earn $GOLDY by fishing, harvesting, hunting, and tending to their pets using their Gen-0 NFTs. We have new players joining daily, and we welcome you to join us in Discord with any questions you have about getting started. You can also check out our socials here and join our Discord every Friday at 15:00 UTC for our Farmer’s Hall AMA with our team lead, DFL Erwin.



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