DeFi Land Progress Update

Hello from DeFi Land! We’d like to update our community on how our project has been progressing.

Logo Redesign

We have redesigned our logo! This was met by disappointment from some members of our community who really liked the previous logo. The previous logo was not fit for a large company (which we aim to become!), and in particular it lacked versatility and made it difficult to create designs and merchandise based on it. While you may miss the former logo in the short-term, we believe that you will come to love our new logo even more in the coming months!


We have concluded our fundraising and finished announcing all of our investors, including Alameda Research, Jump Capital, Animoca Brands, the Solana Foundation, and many more! A full list of our investors can be found on our website.

List of investors from website of DeFiland

Road Map

We plan to have closed beta testing version v1.0 by the end of August. This version will include swaps, liquidity provision, and yield farming, mainly through Serum and Raydium. It will focus on introducing users to the overall feel of the game and showing off the aspects mentioned in the previous article. Updates will be released once or twice a month to gradually add new features.

Check out the Solana Demo Day presentation of DeFi Land

The game will initially launch as a closed beta. The users who get to try it out first will be selected according to certain criteria such as being active in the Discord and Telegram communities, providing support for the project, and winning in various contests. Our initial users will be incentivized through a surprise prizes to show our appreciation.

DeFi Land art contest happening right now. Deadline: 23:59 EST, 1st of August.

Subsequent to the completion of v1 (hopefully in November), we will begin developing v2, which will include many more features, such as battling between players. We plan to begin testing by Q4 2021 and launch in Q1 2022. Around this time, we will also be working on deploying on other blockchains and developing a mobile version of the game.

We will have a public sale for our DFL token soon after the beta. Various platforms have shown interest in hosting our IDO, and we will announce the details when they are ready. It will be a fair launch, and everyone will have a chance to participate.

Our full road map can be found on our website.

Stay tuned for more updates and informational articles on DeFi Land. Looking forward to chatting with you in our Discord and Telegram communities!