DeFi Land Public Testing — What you need to know

Dear DeFi Land Community,

Before we get into the amazing and exciting update that we are bringing you today, let’s do a quick recap of what we were up to recently.

The past few weeks have been amazing for us. We had the privilege to release DFL Token, which is now available for trading on platforms such as FTX, and Raydium with many more to come shortly. DFL will be the utility token in our game as well as used for various features that will be announced soon.

We have also integrated Audius and Jupiter, and your feedback was amazing! Because of your reaction, we will be working on more integration soon to keep everything more exciting and fun.

One thing that we are thrilled to be working on is the DFL single-sided staking, which will be available in the coming weeks. We know how much all of you want to be staking DFL, and we are working very hard to ensure we create a good staking mechanism, which will be finished and ready to go very soon. We decided not to go with the existing open-source solutions and bring an adjustable staking period option with 2 different reward types. Stay tuned for more information coming. Holders turning into Stakers!

The next week, we are also making our detailed docs/whitepaper available, with very detailed information and providing you with our plans.

Up until now, as you know, our game has been in the private beta testing mode, which means that no one other than passionate community members, partners or DFL holders had access to the early private testing. We are very excited to say that we managed to have 1,000 daily active users (DAU) during the beta testing and 3,000 beta verified accounts (4575 wallets). We are very happy with these numbers and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Public Beta Starts Today!

Although we are still not there to fully launch our game, we are bringing public testing of the game to everyone.

Today, on December 22nd 12PM UTC Time, private beta will be ending and, at 4 PM UTC time, our public beta testing will be launched. Everyone will be able to start playing DeFi Land — nothing is required, no money, no investment — everyone will have access to DeFi Land. As the game is running on Mainnet, you will need some SOL to cover the transaction costs on blockchain.

However, this is not the full launch of the game — it is still the testing phase, where we will be testing different sides of the game to see how things work, if there are any issues with some features, how can we handle the load and so on.

As everyone is expecting a public launch of the game, once again…Today is just the start of public testing and it’s not the release of the game.

What’s happening to existing users

  • Users who have been actively playing the game in private testing were wondering what would happen with their in-game progress. XP and achievements will reset to create the same starting point for all the newcomers. However, don’t you worry dear testers, we got something special for you coming in January👀
  • All registered accounts will remain, so you will be able to login with the same account if you used to play in closed testing.
  • As private testing was going on Mainnet as well, all the assets that you have planted, swapped or interacted with, will be available the same way. So it won’t be locked or transferred anywhere. For the people who didn’t know, our game is running on top of existing protocols, whenever you are swapping, providing liquidity or farming you are interacting with Raydium, Orca, Serum and other protocols. It means that you can any time remove staked liquidity from Raydium website as well and so on.

Features that game currently has:

  • Portfolio tracking
  • Swaps on multiple platforms — Jupiter
  • LPing on Raydium
  • Farming on Raydium
  • Achievements and leaderboard
  • Transfers and Fiat on Ramp
  • Radio station — Audius
  • 3 different mini-games
  • Several idle games
  • Price feed

DeFi Land consists of 2 different gameplays — Gamified DeFi and Play-2-Earn. For now, we are perfecting the Gamified DeFi experience which will play the base role in Play-2-Earn gameplay development. You will be able learn more soon at (WIP)

We decided not to bring all the features at the same time but have quick update over next weeks. Starting from today, DeFi Land will add features several times per week to ensure better gameplay.

New features will be added step by step starting from 22nd of December:

  • Shooting, racing and other mini games
  • Christmas mode (Coming 24th of December)
  • NFT Avatars
  • Factions and Bi-Weekly challenges
  • Edit mode & visit other players lands
  • Achievements focused on volume and count
  • Animation changes
  • Newsroom
  • Chat
  • Localization — Multiple language support
  • New radio channels
  • Transaction history
  • Explanation tutorial for each feature
  • Solfarm/Tulip, Orca farms
  • Referrals
  • Many more

This is a short list of what’s coming in the next 2–3 weeks. For the people wondering if they can earn money by playing the game in testing:

Users in the leaderboards and winner factions will be qualified for some prizes, but it’s not the Play-2-Earn gameplay. We will have a dedicated article about Factions and XPs in the next week.

It’s really exciting to bring all the features to you but the main one is in the works. The Play-2-Earn model will be introduced in the second half of Q1 2022.

For all the people wondering, what’s the next big thing for DeFi Land as 2022 starts… We all know, what’s the essential part of Play-2-Earn, right? Yeah, we will be announcing the details soon.

Don’t forget to join our amazing and friendly groups on Telegram / Discord /Twitter



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