DeFi Land Farmer’s Hall Report #5

Cat on the Lab

Howdy farmers,

We are back for another Townhall update where we break down the biggest game developments from the last week. There are no signs of slowing down, as we start every week grinding toward our goal to be the best Play & Earn gaming and DeFi platform in web3. Just ask DFL Patrick:

Community Updates

The DeFi Land NFT Marketplace — Complete

Last week, the DeFi Land NFT marketplace made its successful debut. Our homegrown marketplace allows you to trade Gen-0 NFTs with lightning speeds and the lowest exchange fees. We reached 2 million $DFL in volume in just three days, thanks to an abundance of great deals and a few massive legendary trades. We hit a new record for our NFTs after a legendary “vader” Dog sold for 590,000 $DFL (over 100 SOL equivalent at the time!).

Fresh 3D Renders

Rebalancing and Game Updates II — Complete

The quality of life as a DeFi Lander took massive steps forward thanks to our newest update. In addition to a few bugs getting patched up, we implemented some gaming upgrades to greatly improve the DeFi Land experience. These include:

  • Multiple attribute upgrading. You can choose more then one attribute for a particular NFT which you want to upgrade, making it quick and easy to maximize the potential of your NFTs.
  • Improved animal management. Animals can be selected which you want to assign or remove.
  • Finding a fish now has a visual and a sound cue so that you are ready for the challenge.
  • Energy bar tooltip now shows how much time is needed for an NFT to refill energy to its full.
  • Feed meter tooltip now shows time that you last fed your animal.
  • Informative guides are now available in all NFT game buildings to explain how the games work.

Updated roadmap

We released a roadmap in Q1 that reflected our goals for the entire year. However, we are consistently gauging our progress, assessing how unforeseen obstacles impact our plans, and reevaluating how our goals will fit into the best interests of the community. See below for our updated roadmap for the remainder of the year:

Updated Roadmap, Summer 2022

3D Renders and NPC Sneak Peeks

As we continue working to improve graphics, write new soundtracks, and develop mobile assets, we will provide plenty of sneak peeks of our new designs. This week, we previewed the brand-new Seed Lab design along with our new NPCs. The NPCs will help you through all the activities of the DeFi Land, from gaming quests and achievements to helping you out with your yield farming tasks. We’re sure you will make some new virtual friends soon!



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