DeFi Land Farmer’s Hall Report #4: Crafting a Better World

DeFi Land was built with the mission to onboard and educate crypto users on how emerging blockchain technologies can create more transparent and accessible financial systems. Through our new Play and Earn gameplay, we are also bringing international communities together with a fun and stress-free gaming environment that can endure any market conditions. While these are tough times across the crypto market, we think of ourselves as a sanctuary during the bear market. We are perfectly suited to continue our mission until the bright future of blockchain innovation is realized. Or, as our meme team put it earlier this week, you have two choices while enduring the market turbulence:

Before we get into this week’s roadmap updates, we have to give a special shout out to our content creators throughout the community who participated in our Content Creation Contest. As usual, we were absolutely blown away by your submissions. You created medium articles, game calculators, interactive tutorials, video guides, vlogs, and more. The work that you put into these projects goes to prove how we are not just a “crypto” project, but a unified community that is growing stronger every day. We are proud to share this slice of the metaverse with such a wonderful and talented community. We revealed the winners for the contest on Thursday (6/16). Take a look at some of our Tier 1 winners:

Community Updates

MoonPay integration is now live in DeFi Land

MoonPay Integration — Complete

We are one of the first Solana projects to integrate MoonPay directly into our platform. MoonPay is a fiat onramp that allows you to deploy capital to your digital wallet quickly and efficiently. You may swap your fiat (“real world” money) for Solana tokens, which can be used to swap for $DFL and $GOLDY. This allows you to access all game features without ever needing to register with a Centralized Exchange.

Note: there is a fee associated with the MoonPay service.

Phase 1 Game Updates/Rebalancing — Complete

Our first round of rebalancing discussions with the community were a success, and we have already released our first update to address your suggestions. This first update focuses mainly on UX improvements and bug fixes, with our major rebalancing efforts still to come. As part of our commitment to provide the best web3 gaming experience possible, will continue to provide detailed patch notes on a regular basis. The detailed patch notes can be found on our Discord server under #change-log.

NFT Forging — Roadmap Update

We are excited to announce that our next utility for $GOLDY will be NFT forging, which includes the disassembling and reassembling of different NFT attributes. Forging works by allowing you to disassemble your NFTs into their individual attributes, and then reassemble the attributes however you like. This gives you the power to merge your favorite attributes into a super NFT that maximizes your advantage in DeFi Land. Just like upgrading, this will come with a cost paid in $GOLDY and/or $DFL. Many DeFi Landers have already learned the advantages of upgrading, but now you will harness the power of forging.

Did you forget all the other use cases for $DFL and $GOLDY already? Here’s a reminder of the current and planned utility for $DFL and $GOLDY:

$DFL and $GOLDY use cases

DeFi Land Mobile — In Progress

Our design team is hard at work developing new NPCs, buildings, and mobile assets. In fact, this week we completed our first UI renders for DeFi Land mobile. While still in its early stages, we are proud to say that the full DeFi Land experience is on its way to mobile. This will be a crucial milestone for onboarding the masses into crypto.

DeFi Lander NPC

Want to learn more about DeFi Land? DeFi Land is a unique, multi-chain agriculture-simulation game created to gamify all aspects of decentralized finance. Our mission is to make it simple and easy for anyone to take part in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto. We recently introduced our Play and Earn gameplay, where our players can earn $GOLDY tokens by fishing, harvesting, hunting, and tending to their pets using their Gen-0 NFTs. If you want to learn more about DeFi Land, you can check out our socials here and join our Discord every Friday at 15:00 UTC for our Farmer’s Hall AMA with our team lead, DFL Erwin.



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