DeFi Land Farmer’s Hall Report #2: The Path to Decentralized Gaming

Dear DeFi Landers,

We are back for our second Townhall update, where we break down the biggest news from the last two weeks. It might seem quiet around DeFi Land, but our development team has been crushing it behind the scenes to deliver our Play and Earn patch by May 16th. Today, we will provide some details on this process, as well as some new features and a sneak peek of DeFi Land’s origin story. We understand that the anticipation is high for Play and Earn, but we also understand that our community shares our vision to build a healthy long-term project. We remain committed to building a game that has a strong and sustainable future, and we know your patience will be well rewarded.

The Hybrid Path to Decentralized Gaming

We were prepared to release a fully on-chain game in the first half of April. We were confident in the architecture of our game and the capabilities of Solana and our RPC providers. However, we learned a lot from our NFT distribution and our internal testing leading up to the game release. It became clear that the recent Solana network congestion is a threat to the playability of a fully on-chain game, and we determined it would be unfair to our players to have their gameplay impaired by failed and skipped transactions.

After consulting with our team, advisors, and the Solana team, we decided to build a hybrid system where only essential data is stored on-chain. Major features like repair mechanics, upgrading, and the main gameplay will not require you to interact with the blockchain. We are confident that this style of gameplay will allow you to enjoy DeFi Land without constantly dealing with failed transactions. Our redesign of the gaming architecture is going smoothly so far, and we expect to complete the Play and Earn patch by Monday, May 16. We couldn’t be more grateful to have such a hardworking team, who is dedicating their hearts (shinzou wo sasageyo) to providing the best gaming experience on the blockchain. Four weeks might feel like a lifetime in the crypto world, but we are incredibly proud to deliver this timeline for such an important milestone in DeFi Land history.

So, what do you get out of this?

  • Play and Earn mechanics beginning in mid-May
  • Smooth user experience for all of our remastered gameplay
  • Essential transactional data is still stored on-chain, while gameplay features leverage AWS to function more efficiently

We have nothing but love for Solana, and we will continue to work closely with them to ensure that we have a path back to our original decentralized architecture.

Is Your NFT Truly Yours if You Can’t Name it?

We are still early to the crypto and NFT spaces, which means we have the responsibility to push these innovations in a positive direction. This includes even the finest details of our project. There are several aspects that we hold dear in our Gen-0 NFTs: utility, design, scarcity, and most importantly, an authentic connection between the user and their possessions. We wanted to take this connection one step further and offer a first-of-its kind mechanism to rename your NFTs directly on-chain. This feature is available now on our website. Here are a few details about this process:

  • When you rename your NFT, the mint number stays the same. As you can see in the image above, Shooting Gun #86 becomes Crusader Erwin #86.
  • The cost of renaming your NFT is 1000 $DFL. We believe this feature should be fairly expensive, but we will monitor the price of DFL to ensure that it does not get out of reach for our community.
  • The $DFL used for renaming will partially be burned and the rest will be added to our treasury. Our treasury is used for giveaways, marketing, and other community incentives.
  • Yes, we will restrict naming to be appropriate. This is a privilege for our wonderful community, and we will carefully monitor the names of NFTs to prevent causing offense to our players.

Your Gen-0 NFTs are your ticket to Play and Earn in DeFi Land, and our good farmers will use their NFTs to earn $Gold, $DFL, and NFT blueprint rewards. We have already seen our community grow close to their pets, shooting guns, harvesters, and fishing rods as Play and Earn draws near. We believe these precious items should have names that connect personally to you. We cannot wait to see all of your creative names!

Voyage into the Origin Story of DeFi Land

As we work out all the technical details of the next patch, we are also flexing our creative minds to develop the Lore of DeFi Land. We don’t want to give away too much just yet, but here are some sneak peeks:

  • DeFi Land is a mystical society founded on the philosophies of the blockchain. The origin story of DeFi Land sets the stage for your gameplay, explaining how the island was discovered and how our society developed into this techno-agricultural utopia.
  • The origin story introduces new characters, who you may begin to see around the village. These characters represent the core ideals of DeFi Land, and will be there to help guide you on your way to epic adventures.
  • These stories will be told in writing, illustrations (think manga and comics!), and multi-media, and will set the foundation for your future quests and achievements. The lore will be ongoing, meaning new chapters will be introduced as we progress through our roadmap.

Celebrating Our Community

Our DeFi Land community has grown into something truly special that we never could have imagined. As a growing project, we welcome new members daily and rely on our community to provide a warm welcome and support. It is this precious community that keeps us motivated to work harder than any other team, and we want to continually honor your support. This week, we showed our gratitude for some of our beloved DeFi Landers through our first community appreciation prizes. These are community members who will always lend a helping hand, even if it requires them to go through months of Discord history to find the perfect answer. They are NFT collectors, amazing players, and long-term stakers. These community members received $DFL rewards for their positive contribution to our thriving community. Show your love for DeFi Land by being a kind and supportive community member, and we will make sure to return the favor.

We want to thank every member of our community for your patience. We are confident that putting the proper time and effort into restructuring our game is the right decision, and we will reward you with smooth gameplay in our next patch. In the meantime, let’s continue to go stronger as a family. Until Play and Earn arrives, there will be a parade of sneak-peeks and exciting opportunities to score some $DFL and Gen-0 NFTs. Come join us in our weekly town halls at 15:00 UTC in discord and browse our our links. We always look forward to welcoming new DeFi Landers to our family, and we know this is the best time to join. Until next time, farmers!



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