DFL Tokenomics

Dear DeFi Land community,

It’s been a long time of waiting and we are finally ready to present our exciting tokenomics model to you! We are very happy to announce that the DeFi Land token (DFL) will be available in less than a week.

DFL will be available for trading on numerous exchanges, including centralized and decentralized platforms. This includes exchanges like Serum, Raydium, and Gate.io among many others. The full list will be announced soon.

We talked with lots of experts to ensure the smooth delivery of the best tokenomics for our project. We are excited and look forward to the launch of DFL, hoping for a successful and rewarding future.

DFL Token distribution

Our team is working very hard to make the process fully transparent, thus, all tokens vesting will be public. Prior to the unlock period, the team and advisors have 6 months to be fully committed.

One of the best aspects of the seed round was that our team had the opportunity to bring as many as 65 different investors to the cap table. Thanks to this, we managed to end up with one of the most distributed seed sales in the history of the Solana ecosystem.

Our amazing and diverse list of investors provides the very needed value to the project. This includes great expertise in gaming, exciting design, finance, and community building among many other important characteristics.

DFL token unlock schedule
Lockup periods for different tokens

DeFi Land team is fully aware that you are all very interested in other features and details about the game economics as well as play to earn models. Because of this, we are very excited about the whole new phase DeFi Land will be entering soon.

Our team is very happy to announce that in December, the beta of our game will be launched. For more details, don’t forget to check out the full introduction of Defi Land, both v1 and v2, which will be published in the following week.

Oh, and finally… Christmas is coming! Keep an eye on our updates, so you don’t miss out on anything we might be preparing.👀🎄Don’t forget to join our communities on — Telegram / Discord /Twitter.




Gamified Decentralized Finance🚜Bringing DeFi to the masses — https://defiland.app/

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DeFi Land

DeFi Land

Gamified Decentralized Finance🚜Bringing DeFi to the masses — https://defiland.app/

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