Happy Birthday, DeFi Land!

Dear DeFi Landers,

We are proudly celebrating DeFi Land’s one-year anniversary this week. This journey has brought us further than we ever could have imagined. There have been highs and lows, enormous challenges, and even greater victories. In fact, this journey has been so special that we decided one day of festivities just wouldn’t cut it. Instead, we are dedicating the entire week to commemorating our achievements as a team and growth as a community. Our gift has been your overwhelming support over the last year, so this week is all about giving back to the community. Yesterday, we dropped rewards for our beta testers and we were so pleased to see that you enjoyed your Gen-0 NFT and $DFL gifts. Today, we are announcing a gift for everyone with a little thing we’re calling Double Energy Rate Week, which will span from Friday June 2nd to Sunday June 5th. And because it’s our birthday, we will take a quick stroll down memory lane to celebrate the major events of last year.

Important Note: Before we get into today’s article, we want to remind all DeFi Landers that Gen-0 NFT claiming will end this Friday. Any unplanted seed will no longer be able to be converted into a Gen-0 NFT. Seed Planting and watering event ends at 6PM UTC, 2nd of June.

Double Energy Rate Weekend

Energy is one of the most important mechanics of DeFi Land. Every Gen-0 NFT comes with an energy attribute (handle, float, harvester type, and cloth), and its level determines the number of games you can play in a row and how quickly your energy restores before you can get back to playing. We understand it is a grind in the beginning to play with low-level NFTs and earn the $GOLDY needed to upgrade. Therefore, for all our early and committed farmers, we are offering a major boost. From June 2 through June 5, your NFTs will be regenerating the energy twice as fast as previously. Additionally, Gen-0 Pet’s lovemeter won’t be decaying. You will be easily feed them without being worried about them being hungry. Players even the lowest-level NFTs give will be able to play four time per day. This will give you the opportunity to build an incredible foundation of $GOLDY for your future upgrades, and it will give you plenty of practice to learn the nuances of the game. This is a major opportunity to become the farmer you were born to be.

DeFi Land Rewind

The Summer of SOL 🌞

The story of DeFi Land began with our vision to make crypto and DeFi accessible to the masses. As friends and investors during crypto’s major “alt-cycle” in 2018, we became strong believers in the potential of crypto to revolutionize finance. However, we understand that with all the noise and complexity surrounding DeFi, it was challenging to onboard friends and family. DeFi Land approached this problem through gamification, where our players could learn DeFi through agricultural simulations and educational content. Our idea won us a prize in the Solana Hackathon’s DeFi category, which earned us our first $10K and propelled our project forward.

As a project in Solana’s rapidly expanding ecosystem, we earned Seed funding led by Jump Capital and FTX in September that allows us to begin tapping into our potential as a team. We were proud to be a part of this emerging ecosystem, and we remained committed to setting a high bar for the quality of our game. By integrating protocols like Raydium and Serum, we aimed to be “a rising tide that lifts all boats” of the Solana network.

The Autumn of Testing 🍁

The Fall of 2021 was a precious time in DeFi Land history, thanks to the launch of our first mainnet beta testing. The early DeFi Land came complete with the ability to swap tokens in the Market and generate seeds in the Seed Laboratories for the full DeFi experience. The first games launched on DeFi Land were farm invaders and the memory game. Instant classics.

We welcomed tens of thousands of new DeFi Landers to our community throughout the Fall (most of whom popped into Discord to ask us “Wen beta code?”), leading up to the successful IDO and public launch of the $DFL token. If you were around then, you will remember the insane hype on Day 1 of our token launch. People were excited for the token and, based on the massive congestion of the Solana network, maybe they were a bit too excited.

Christmas Season 🎅🏼

Our first Christmas in DeFi Land was unforgettable. We opened public beta testing and quickly reached our first 1000 Daily Active Users. Christmas Mode in DeFi Land featured falling snow and Christmas decorations throughout each village. When you heard the sound of jingle-bells, you could search for Santa flying across the sky.

A New Era in 2022

By the end of 2021, we had a fully launched public beta that featured four games, full yield farming capabilities, edit mode, an Audius radio tower, and hidden features. What more could you ask for, right? Wrong. 2022 opened the doors to a new era, beginning with the DFL Staking, NFT seed drop and Gen-0 watering event.

The Gen-0 watering event was the greatest test of your farming abilities, and we couldn’t believe how well you performed. A total of 3761 of our DeFi Land farmers watered their flowers daily to achieve maximum rewards from their seeds. Their flowers grew taller and brighter until they at last burst into their Gen-0 NFTs.

Our team would never call it quits there, though. We continued building until your Gen-0 NFTs had direct utility as the keys to Play and Earn. Now, all Gen-0 holders can play our remastered gameplay to earn $GOLDY (and very soon, $DFL!) in our Play and Earn Beta.

This new frontier brings us closer to our ambitions of multi-chain integration, PVP, mobile and desktop versions of the game, and beyond. Our team is steadily growing and has a long runway to make sure we make all the amazing ideas come true.

We want to say thank you once again to our amazing community that has supported us this whole time. We’ve shared laughter and celebration, we’ve endured market turbulence and joined spontaneous Farmer’s Halls to squash FUD, and we have grown together on our way to create something truly special. On behalf of each member of the team, this has been the best year of our entire lives. Thank you, DeFi Landers!

Want to be a part of this story? You can keep up with us on our socials here and join our Discord family here.



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