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DeFi Land
7 min readJun 4, 2021


DeFi Land is a multi-chain agriculture-simulation web-game created to gamify Decentralized Finance


Decentralized finance has disrupted not only the traditional approach to finance but also an entire crypto industry. In DeFi, the markets are always open and there are no centralized authorities who can block payments or deny access to financial products. Services that were previously slow and at risk of human error are automatic and safer now that they’re handled by code that anyone can inspect. Undoubtedly, decentralized finance is here to stay, which can be seen by its massive market cap being at over $100 billion USD at the time of writing.

However, there is one problem and it’s an obvious one: DeFi lacks mass adoption. Newcomers, especially retail users, are afraid of using it as it seems too complex to understand. There is a huge deficiency of information and user on-boarding processes.

Gamification is the answer

After spending countless hours explaining DeFi to our colleagues, friends and family members, we decided that something must have be done. We want to create a product that would introduce newcomers to decentralized finance in an interactive, fun and easy-to-learn way. In addition, our goal is to redesign experience for existing DeFi users so it’s more engaging and customer-centric.

Hold on, wait a second. First of all, what is gamification?

“Gamification is about taking something that is not a game and applying game mechanics to increase user engagement, happiness and adoption!”. In other words, gamification takes elements from game-design and the general principles and theories which drive gameplay and applies them to other contexts. That’s exactly what DeFi is lacking. Gamification helps people easily understand complex products and creates a fun and smooth experience for them. Our team believes that we will change the way people think about decentralized finance.

This is an amazing opportunity for our team to build a community driven project that aims to help people learn, earn and have fun. We are more than happy to receive any type of feedback as we want you to be a part of the journey not by observing from the passenger seat but actually standing alongside us.

Solana ecosystem - image by @Solanians

Starting with Solana

DeFi Land is a multi-chain game aiming for the best user experience and on-boarding process. But we had to start somewhere. That’s why we were observing closely to determine which blockchain to begin with. We wanted transaction fees to be low and speed to be fast while maintaining security. DeFi Land chose to build on Solana as it offers everything that players need - one of the fastest transaction processing speeds alongside near zero fees. In addition, Solana’s ecosystem is rapidly growing as it attracts the biggest talents to build game-changing projects. We strongly believe that it’s crucial to be fast, cheap and secure to create the smoothest DeFi experience via gamification.

Welcome, dear Farmers to DeFi Land🚜👨‍🌾

DeFi Land v1 Demo picture

DeFi Land is a multi-chain agriculture-simulation web-game created to gamify decentralized finance. Our game will have all the features that traditional platforms have, but it will be gathered all in one place.

The amazing thing about our project is that we aren’t creating a closed ecosystem for our game as you may see in other protocols. We didn’t want to create a new environment but accelerate, gamify and improve existing ones. DeFi Land will be running on top of established platforms, meaning users will be using well-known AMMs/DEXs/lending protocols through our game. For example, when a player tries yield farming in our game they will actually be using different pools and staking platforms through our interface.

In DeFi Land, each asset will represent a currency. For example, in our demo SOL is sunflower, USDC-corn and COPE- Pumpkin. These assets will be used to do the same activities that traditional DeFi offers as well as various other activities we are about to reveal.

DeFi Land is an ambitious game loaded with quite a few remarkable features. Our game will be launched in two versions, with v1.0 coming out this summer and v2.0 planned to be delivered by the start of 2022. It will be available for web as well as mobile phone users. All the game designs and mechanics are experimental and will be iterated upon many times.

DeFi Land v1 sneak peeks

DeFi Land v1

Relaxing sounds, intuitive UI, pleasing environment…Version 1 will feature the basic functionality of decentralized finance protocols including:

  • Swaps
  • Liquidity providing
  • Staking & yield farming
  • Governance
  • Customizable lands
  • Educational land (practice mode)
  • Achievements

You may be asking:

Ok, all the above makes sense, but what is practice mode and what are achievements?

Educational land (practice mode) will be available for all users to try things with fake assets and play a guided version of our game. Users will be introduced to every single DeFi feature and learn ELI5 (explain like I’m 5) style how things work to understand basic concepts.

To incentivize people to play our game, we will set various goals, which once achieved, will unlock NFTs, $DFL tokens, prizes and much more TBA.

DeFi Land v2 game objects

DeFi Land v2

As mentioned, our game will have two releases, as v2.0 is planned to come out by the start of 2022. Version 2 will include lots of amazing and game-changing features that will finalize our project as a all-in-one gamified experience. v2 will have:

  • Lending & borrowing
  • Indices
  • NFT marketplace
  • Interactive chat
  • Predictions & betting
  • Unions, clans and battling
  • Various fun mini games
  • Tournaments
  • Ethereum, Terra and BSC lands

We will be gradually releasing detailed information about each feature and how they will work.

DeFi Land is currently being developed on Solana and will not support DeFi protocols on other blockchains. As we want user experience to be fast, cheap and effective, we chose Solana to be the first chain where we will on-board players. However, we will be adding more blockchains in the near future. We are a community-oriented game and we will be periodically holding polls on what features to add and what to improve.

The DFL Token’s utility and community airdrop

The DFL token isn’t just another ordinary governance token that all the protocols offer to their users. We wanted to give players an opportunity to fully engage with it. DFL is the native token in our game that is used to govern DeFi Land as well as reward our players in-game, allow them to stake, compete, bet, and much more.

DeFi Land will enable users to customize their land, buy skins, purchase NFTs from the marketplace, tip their friends and various other features that are coming in v2. All these functions will be available through our token. We want DFL to become a currency that people love, use daily and have fun with.

There will be a community airdrop for the testers, early adopters and active group members.

To take part in the airdrop and get more information, please join our Telegram and Discord groups as well as follow us on Twitter.

Team expertise

DeFi Land is built by an experienced team of 5 who have been researching and exploring the decentralized finance industry.

We have successfully led companies in multiple industries such as AR, VR, AI, gaming, fintech and ERP. Our team has worked with the biggest banks and retail companies across multiple regions.

Our expertise in gaming, working directly with customers and building customer-centric products will ensure the best UX for our players. All the team members have vast experience and computer science backgrounds, giving us a strong edge to quickly deliver high-quality products.

Future plans

We are actively developing our game as we want to launch as soon as possible. DeFi Land v1.0 is expected to launch this summer with lots of amazing rewards and gifts for our community. We will be publishing articles about our features and dive deeper into a project as time goes on. DeFi Land is here to stay and disrupt the decentralized finance industry by making it fun, easy-to-learn and gamified.

We will soon release our detailed roadmap, project documentation, tokenomics and amazing partnerships so keep an eye on our social media pages. Telegram / Discord /Twitter

Let’s build the best community together and gamify DeFi!



DeFi Land

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