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6 min readMay 16, 2022


Dear DeFi Landers,

It is our pleasure to announce that DeFi Land Play and Earn Beta will go live at UPDATED: ETA on May 18, 2022. All your patience and support are about to pay off, so gear up your Gen-0 NFTs are prepare for the greatest chapter so far in DeFi Land history. In today’s article, we will provide an overview for the gameplay, economics, and a guide on how to get started. Some of our true gamers might also be interested in reading some of the deeper gameplay details. For details that go beyond the scope of this article, check out our refreshed Play and Earn docs. These include formulas, detailed gameplay descriptions, and the tools you need to finesse your earning strategies. You can check those out now right here. Without further ado, let’s dive right into all the excitement!

Important! DeFi Land Play and Earn will be in a beta testing mode through June. We will be balancing rewards and attributes daily to improve your experience. You might experience bugs or some user experience mistakes. Make sure to report those problems in our Discord and refresh the game website. Expect frequent adjustments and reach out to our team if you discover imbalances that need tuning.

Play and Earn in DeFi Land

DeFi Land is a world built in the metaverse to introduce the masses to the peaceful DeFi revolution. Still in our early stages, we reached milestones of over 100,000 unique villages, over 6850 daily active users, and over 200m $DFL staked. Now, you will be able to earn crypto for your achievements in our game. These rewards can be used to upgrade your NFTs, purchase new items (exciting things coming soon!), or swap for other tokens using our Raydium-powered liquidity pools.

In our new patch, you will first see a fresh UI that will help you organize your portfolio and brand-new gaming wallet. Accompanying this UI are new buildings that host remastered gameplay for free to play and play and earn users. These buildings will be dropped into your inventory, and you can place them anywhere in your farm using Edit Mode.

DeFi Land Play and Earn buildings

While we have 6 active games and 4 more planned in the near future, you will be able to earn $GOLDY starting today by fishing, harvesting, shooting, and taking care of your beloved pets. After several weeks of testing, users you will start seeing $DFL, Blueprint and NFT prizing appearing. Here’s a quick breakdown of our gameplay modes:

  • Fishing Game: Reel in beautiful fish by responding correctly to on-screen commands. In the remastered fishing game, there are new fish, new commands, and chances to get special bonuses. Each of the 12 varieties of fish comes with its own “personality” and challenges.
  • Shooting Game: In the remastered shooting game, your task is to protect your animals from invading wolves. You can earn more points with headshots and collect bonuses to maximize your earnings.
  • Harvesting Game: Hop in your harvester and stock up trucks with a list of requested crops. Time is of the essence in the harvesting game, and you will need to prioritize how you refuel, harvest, and deliver.
  • Pets: You have a pet sanctuary for each type of animal NFT. Boost your pet’s love meter by feeding them, and they will give you passive rewards. Cows produce milk, while chickens and ducks produce eggs. The extra special cats and dogs can be sent on adventures for one hour to an entire day to bring back rewards. The bigger length of adventures will yield into more rewards but for now we will keep it secret what the difference will be.

DeFi Land will continue to have a free to play mode that will allow you to play with default items instead of Gen-0 NFTs. Free players may compete for leaderboard rewards and even have rare chances of earning $GOLDY. Be on the lookout for new team challenges, individual challenges, and XP-based quests over the summer. You can get started playing right here. Accessing DeFi Land is as simple as connecting any of our approved Solana wallets to our game (no transaction fee required!). There is always a reason to be a DeFi Lander!

Introducing $GOLDY

As part of our strategy to build a stable economy for our players, we are introducing the $GOLDY token. While the $DFL token will remain an essential part of our ecosystem, $GOLDY will be used predominantly for gaming rewards and transactions. We funded the GOLDY-USDC liquidity pool on Raydium with $500K initial liquidity, which should provide enough stability to reward our players without an immediate price impact. (You can now trade it on our in-game Marketplace or at different Swap aggregators).

$GOLDY will not only be the reward for your achievements in the game, but it will also have abundant use cases within our ecosystem. Imminent use cases include NFT upgrades, repair costs, and crafting, with additional use cases to come in the following weeks. Soon, players will also be able to earn $DFL and blueprints for crafting new NFTs. A complete list of use cases for $GOLDY and $DFL can be found in our updated docs.

The highest rewards per session will range from 5–40 $GOLDY (with a minimum-level NFT) to 200–450 $GOLDY (with a maximum-level NFT and highest possible score). The rewards will be distributed to your DeFi Land gaming wallet, which can then be transferred to your personal wallet or used on in-game items and upgrades. Because we are still in beta, we will keep a close eye on the dynamics of $GOLDY and adjust the rewards as needed to promote a sustainable and rewarding economy.

Also Important! For the first day, withdraws will be disabled. Meaning, whatever $GOLDY you earn, will be sitting at your virtual wallet, for testing purposes. Starting from 18th of May, you will be able to withdraw it. Deposits are enabled (In case you want to upgrade or repair NFTs)

Get Started with your Gen-0 NFTs

First thing first, you will have to open “Edit Mode” from the settings and place NFT game buildings yourself on your land.

It is never too late to become a DeFi Lander with the power to play to earn, but you will need a Gen-0 NFT to do so. Our Gen-0 NFTs can be purchased on Magic Eden (recommended), Solanart, Fractal, and very soon you will be able to purchase our NFTs on our own in-game marketplace. Here is a quick guide to getting started with your first Gen-0 NFT:

  • Acquire the SOL needed to make your NFT purchase and transfer it to your trusted Solana wallet. We support Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Sollet, Web3Auth, Coin 98, and Ledger. We will soon be implementing MoonPay directly in DeFi Land as a trusted Fiat onramp!
  • Discover your favorite game for Play and Earn. Remember, one type of NFT unlocks a specific game in DeFi Land. Review our gameplay teasers or play DeFi Land for free to decide which game is your favorite.
  • Visit one of our secondary exchange partners to purchase your NFT. Some players will choose to sort by price and grab the cheapest NFT on the market. Others will thoroughly review our docs and search strategically for the best NFT with their desired attributes.
  • As soon as you have your NFT, log into DeFi Land and head to the game you want to play. From the settings, access the Edit Mode, place Play and Earn objects on your land, select your Gen-0 NFTs and start earning. It’s that simple!

We are building a genuine, one-of-a-kind gaming economy that has never been flawlessly executed before. Everything that is released from here on (NFTs, currencies, farm upgrades, etc.) will be entirely community driven and supported. This presents a unique opportunity to redefine value in the digital world. Our priority is not to create a scheme to get you rich overnight. However, if you participate in our ecosystem, play our games, and build your own unique sanctuary in DeFi Land, you will have a chance to be a part of something that is truly amazing.

Now is the best time to join our family and see what our project is all about. You can find our socials here and join our Discord every Friday at 13:00 UTC for our Farmer’s Hall AMA with our team lead, DFL Erwin.



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