Introducing the DeFi Land NFT Marketplace — All you need to know

  • The marketplace is designed specifically to trade DeFi Land NFTs. You can easily sort and filter items to browse what is available. As an exclusive to our marketplace, you can filter by multiple attributes and NFT types at once.
  • You will know exactly what you’re buying with our NFT stat card interface. You can easily track the levels and upgrade status of each NFT to make sure you are getting the best value for your purchase.
  • The marketplace allows you to trade using your choice of $DFL and $SOL without any listing fees (like all marketplaces, a small redeemable $SOL deposit is required to generate a listing).
  • NFTs listed in $DFL have no trading fees!
  • NFTs listed in $SOL have a 1% trading fee, 50% less than the standard 2%.
  • Through our seamless web design and thanks to Solana’s recent speeds, you can list or purchase your NFTs in 10 seconds or less.
  • Oh yeah, and the marketplace works just as smoothly on mobile. Just like our staking and watering websites, you can access the marketplace on your digital wallet mobile app browsers.

A Tour of the Marketplace

DeFi Land NFT Marketplace Homepage


When you land in our marketplace, you will see a banner that shows off our NFTs, quick links to our other offerings (staking interface, NFT renaming service, the lore, and then game), live marketplace statistics, and recently listed NFTs. One of the most important items on the homepage is the $DFL/$SOL toggle. This is where you can switch between listing and searching for NFTs in $DFL and $SOL. NFTs listed in $DFL have 0% market fees, which gives you an instant advantage over listing on secondary exchanges. NFTs listed in $SOL have a 1% market fee.


Unlimited sorting potential

Make a purchase

This harvester could be yours!

My Wallet

The NFT stat cards make NFTs easy to find, fun to collect, and serve as a display worthy of your amazing collection. The only place where your NFTs look better is in the game, itself.

Make a sale

Ready to list one of your NFTs? Simply click on the NFT you want to trade to bring up its complete stat card. Then you can set a price for your listing and click List Now. Once you list your NFT, you can update the price or cancel the listing whenever you want. There are two important things to keep in mind when listing your NFTs:

  • You will not be asked for a confirmation when someone buys your NFT. By listing your NFT, you are agreeing to sell the NFT at a set price. If someone purchases your NFT before you cancel the listing or update the price, you cannot undo the transaction.
  • Always double-check the currency you using for the listing. You do not want to accidentally set a SOL price in DFL! We encourage users to trade using $DFL to avoid market fees, but we understand that $SOL is a desirable option for many active NFT traders.

In-game Marketplace

A Homegrown Marketplace for All

We saw an enormous advantage in creating our own marketplace instead of relying solely on secondary partners. Not only does our marketplace offer benefits specific to finding the perfect Gen-0 NFT, but it also sets an industry standard for an incredible user experience for all NFT trading. We hope that our marketplace can benefit the entirety of the web3 ecosystem by being a sandbox for unique features, design, and ease of use. Right now, our marketplace only supports DeFi Land Gen-0 NFTs. However, we look forward to making our marketplace a launchpad for new partnerships, as we gradually expand the NFTs available on our exchange.



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