Maximizing Your Earning Potential in DeFi Land

We are going to dive deep into the statistics of user gameplay today. If it’s a lot to handle when just getting started, here’s some quick advice from our community for making the most of your earning potential:

  • Play during the day and reinvest your earnings into upgrades while you wait for your energy cooldown. Try to reach your max level cap as quickly as possible.
  • Repair your items as soon as you get down to 90 HP. Remember your rewards decrease by 10% for every 10 HP you consume.
  • When all of your items have run out of energy, you can still hone your skills using the free NFTs.
  • To achieve the best of the best in DeFi Land, be on the lookout for great deals on the highest rarity tiers. They might be more expensive in terms of upfront cost, but they also have a higher earning rate. Set a goal to earn enough to buy your dream NFT over time.

In this section, we will reference Gen-0 NFT rarity tiers and attributes. For more info on these, make sure to check out our docs. The information in this section is subject to change according to rebalancing that may occur throughout the beta testing period.

We have already seen spreadsheets, calculators, and websites graciously shared with the community. You have produced theories on hidden coefficients, strategies, and even a few conspiracies 🤪. Overall, there was a resounding conclusion from our players that we would like to share: upgrading your items quickly amplifies your earning potential. As stated in our docs, earning in DeFi Land is intended to be engaging and multidimensional. You will not reach your full potential on your first day; however, players who put the time and effort into earnings will be rewarded in the long run. It works this way because of the formula we use to calculate rewards and NFT rarity advantages. The equation can be visualized like this:

A summary of the main function used to calculate rewards and NFT attribute advantages
Shooting Gun #2659 NFT card (left) showing its attribute level and a graph of the conversion from level to in-game advantage (right)

If x is your NFT attribute level, then y is your mathematical advantage in the game. For example, if you look at the handle level (Energy attribute) of Shooting Gun #2659 above, you will see that it is level 2/100. That means x = 2 and y = 2.08. You will be able to play two games with it before needing to wait for a cooldown to restore your energy. If you upgraded Shooting Gun #2659 to 30, you will be able to play 4 games in a row. This means you get two times more gameplay for each NFT you upgrade to level 30. However, when you account for upgrading all the attributes, your will see how the advantages amplify to bring you even higher rewards.

Our community member, Calmix developed a calculator website —

One of our most dedicated members (special thanks to Maraxus) put together data using his gameplay with Gen-0 NFT tools, which we will use to demonstrate how this function works. In the table below, we are outlining the earning potential of a base-level Gen-0 NFT with all attributes upgraded to level 5 versus the maximum level caps for fully upgraded common (30), uncommon (50), rare (70), epic (90), and legendary (100) NFTs.

NFT Reward Rate is the multiplier used by the game, which depends on your charm, hook, and tube attributes. Reward per session is an average of earnings in a single game, assuming beginner to average gameplay. The repair cost is the fee you pay to repair a single HP. The net gain per session is your rewards earned in a single game minus the repair costs. The games playable depend on your energy attribute and reflect the number of games you can play in one sitting with full energy. The total gain is the net gain per session multiplied by the games playable. Note: The data from levels 70–100 are projections. Pets are not included in these predictions.

What you can see in this table is that a fully upgraded common NFT gives you a 6.75x increase in earning potential compared to the base-level common NFT. When you consider upgrading higher rarities, those multiples grow even higher. The power of upgrading is real.

Net gains in $GOLDY for max level caps are shown in blue. Repair costs are shown in orange.

We encourage players to continue diving into the gameplay statistics to optimize your earning potential. This is just the start, but we hope it gives you some appreciation for the complexity of the game. On top of earning $GOLDY, we will soon introduce $DFL rewards and eventually NFT blueprints. You will also be rewarded for Team Challenges, earning top leaderboard spots, and completing XP-gated quests and achievements. Once again, we are at the beginning of our great chapter so far.

As a final note, we want to remind everyone: don’t forget to have fun playing. We can get so lost in strategy and trying to make money, that we forget why we are here. There is so much more to this game than earning. DeFi Land is a place you can go to visualize your yield farming positions, swap tokens in our marketplace, or simply escape the real world by chilling out in your village. While you’re waiting on energy cooldowns, you can perfect your farm with Edit Mode, jam our Audius radio channels, and hop into discord where our community always keeps the vibes high. You can keep up with us on our socials here and join our Discord family here. Until next time, DeFi Landers!



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