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7 min readDec 12, 2022
Roger getting ready to greet all DeFi Landers

Dear DeFi Landers,

Forging, our most anticipated NFT customization utility, is now live! Forging is the product of many months of hard work to raise the bar for upgrading and personalizing NFTs. This vision originated from our process of developing the highest quality attributes for our Gen-0 NFT collection. Every attribute was designed and programmed with meticulous care. Then we thought, what if these attributes could be separated so that players could collect and redesign their own NFTs? Forging is the solution, allowing you to disassemble any Gen-0 NFTs in your collection and strategically combine their unique attributes into newly “forged” tools and pets. Through the power of forging, you can style the sickest tools and cutest pets, ultimately crafting the most lucrative NFTs DeFi Land has ever seen.

Before we dive into forging and some bonus DeFi Land alpha, we want to share a quick message of gratitude to our community. This bear market has continued to throw challenges at the crypto world, and we thank each and every DeFi Lander for continuing to see the value of our project and NFTs. Just days ago, we had our largest single $SOL sale for a single NFT, while other NFTs are still flying off the shelves. It is clear that you all appreciate our hard work, and that keeps us motivated to deliver more amazing features for the community.

Behold, the Power of Forging

Forging has a profound impact on the efficiency and earning potential of your tools. NFT attributes are synergistic, meaning the additive power of combined rare attributes is stronger than if those attributes were on their own. For example, a rare attribute offers a stronger numerical advantage when combined with other rare attributes compared to when it is combined with common attributes. Forging allows you to build NFTs that are multiple times stronger than your original items.

Remember, earning in DeFi Land is not just about our reward token, $GOLDY. You can earn raffle tickets, Backpack invitation codes, $DFL rewards from challenges, and so much more is coming. If you want to maximize your earnings, you will want to collect the highest rarity attributes and upgrade each one to the max level cap.

Roger with freshly forged guns

How to Forge in DeFi Land

You can begin the forging process by paying Roger a visit in DeFi Land. If you are an active player, the forging building will be airdropped to your inventory. You can place the forging building in your village from Edit Mode. Remember, there is a fee and timer associated with each forging event. Forging takes a few steps, outlined below:

1. Disassemble your attributes in the forging building. Before disassembling your NFT, make sure it’s health is 100 HP and is not on adventure. Afterwards, select the type of NFT you want to dismantle, and then load the specific NFT of that type. You will pay Roger (The Forger) and lock your NFT for the designated time. There is a flat fee of 5000 GOLDY for disassembling any NFT, so go ahead and take apart your NFTs and trade individual attributes on our marketplace (or read on to see what else you can do with your attributes…).

2. Claiming your disassembled attributes gives you 4 “attribute” NFTs. This step must be done before the assembling process. These attributes are tradeable and transferable, just like any other NFT.

3. Assemble your NFT with your desired attributes. The fee for assembling is related to the rarity of the attributes that make up the new NFT. The higher the rarity, the higher the fee and time required. Remember, only attributes from the same type of Gen-0 NFT can be combined. For example, you cannot give a cat a duck’s outfit, nor can you put a scope on a harvester (as cool as that might sound). If you are missing some attribute that you wish to have on your NFT, you can trade DeFi Land NFT attributes on our NFT marketplace.

4. Claim your forged NFT. You will be assigned a new mint number when you claim NFT. Note: each claiming event is a blockchain transactions that require a small amount of $SOL, to mint NFT, and wallet approval. If it fails, no worries, you can try it again. P.S. Your freshly forged NFT will have fully restored energy, so that you can test it out instantly.

5. Name your NFT. Once you finish assembling your NFT, head over to our NFT naming service to add a final touch of personalization.

Forging is a complex, on-chain NFT rearrangement process that has never been done before at this scale. Therefore, there may be slight bugs in the beginning. Most of the time, bugs can be fixed with a simple refresh. If this does not work, head over to our discord for support.

Costs of Forging

The almighty forging mechanic also serves as a use-case for your $GOLDY and $DFL tokens. Below is a breakdown of forging costs and time requirements:

Disassemble — 5000 $GOLDY, 4 hours. (no matter NFT rarity or attributes)

Assemble — To calculate the cost of assembling your dream NFT. you will have to sum up prices for each attribute. Assembling costs for attributes:

  • Common — 5000 $GOLDY + 1000 $DFL, 2 hours
  • Uncommon — 10,000 $GOLDY + 3000 $DFL, 6 hours
  • Rare — 20,000 $GOLDY + 10,000 $DFL, 16 hours
  • Epic — 25,000 $GOLDY + 25,000 $DFL, 24 hours
  • Legendary — 30,000 $GOLDY + 50,000 $DFL, 48hours

Here are some examples of assembling cost for different NFT combinations:

For example, all Rare NFT Attribute NFT will take 64hours and 80,000 $GOLDY + 40,000 $DFL to forge

Burns, and Boosting

We will burn 100% of the $GOLDY and $DFL acquired through forging. Since we already have ~30m $DFL ready to burn from upgrades, we will burn it all in one ceremonial bonfire before our racing animal NFT mint. In a world where forging is extremely popular, these numbers could result in up to ~200m $DFL and ~250m $GOLDY from rare to legendary attributes, alone.

We know you’ve been waiting a while for forging, and you might want to get started right away. Don’t worry, boosting solves this. Boosting is a mechanic that allows you to bypass cooldowns by paying 5000 $GOLDY per hour. If you are eager to eliminate your forging lock-up of your favorite NFTs, boosting will help you get the show back on the road.

The Vision for Fusion, Idle Racing, and Mobile Development

Upcoming NFT Racing Game Map — Jungle Rumble

Forging is the beginning of a saga for DeFi Land as we head into the new year. Here’s some sweet alpha and the vision for our path forward:

  • Forging has a sister mechanic in late stages of development, called Fusion. Fusion will give purpose to any surplus common and uncommon attributes laying around after forging. These undesired attributes can be fused to get one attribute with a better rarity. This will concentrate the power of NFTs while reducing the total supply of Gen-0 NFTs. We believe fusion will be good for all DeFi Landers, especially those who have yet to score rare NFTs.
  • As the supply of Gen-0 NFTs shrinks, we will introduce two new features to keep up with the demand of new players. Crafting and mystery boxes (details soon!) will pave the way to the next generation of NFTs.
  • New NFTs means new games! Our first new NFT since the Gen-0 mint will be our racing animal. The racing game will bring exhilarating and aesthetic idle gameplay, along with new partnerships and a strong marketing push. Of course, Gen-0 NFT holders will be at the top of the list for earning the racing animal NFT.
  • The release of the racing game will signal the end of our first P&E season, and then we will fully prioritize our final push toward DeFi Land mobile. All of these new developments will pave the road to multi-chain integration, as we work to fulfill our dream of onboarding the next generation of web3.

NFT Forging for All

Forging is not just a first step toward other exciting features in DeFi Land, but we hope to also share this innovation with the entire Solana NFT ecosystem. We designed our forging codebase to be adaptable for other projects. Imagine being able to forge your favorite Solana PFPs and utility NFTs — we want to make this a reality through future collaborations. Do you know a project that is perfect for forging? Feel free to connect with us in our Discord to share your ideas or make your pitch.

Want to learn more about DeFi Land? DeFi Land is a unique, multi-chain agriculture-simulation game created to gamify all aspects of decentralized finance. Our mission is to make it simple and easy for anyone to take part in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto. We recently introduced our Play and Earn gameplay, where our players can earn $GOLDY by fishing, harvesting, hunting, and tending to their pets using their Gen-0 NFTs. We have new players joining daily, and we welcome you to join us in Discord with any questions you have about getting started. You can also check out our socials here and join our Discord every Friday at 15:00 UTC for our Farmer’s Hall AMA with our team lead, DFL Erwin.



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