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15 min readMar 25, 2022

Your Guide To DeFi Land NFT Attributes

On March 21st, late at night, we deployed our final candy machine and distributed over 22,000 Gen-0 NFTs to DeFi Landers around the world. Our wonderful farmers watered their seeds for 30 days so that they could claim multiple Gen-0 NFTs that will unlock Play and Earn in DeFi Land. Our team, who proudly worked around the clock for this drop, aims to deliver the next major update in the middle of May. In this update, we will bring you remastered versions of your favorite farming game activites, a brand-new (and quite addicting) harvester game, and new opportunities to earn real rewards. As we prepare for the next chapter of the DeFi Land story, we want to shed light on our NFT distribution, our gaming philosophy, and how each Gen-0 will give you the edge you need to earn.

Reflections on Our Distribution

Our NFT distribution was centered around giving our higher-tier farmers the greatest chance of receiving rare items, without diminishing the value of the most coveted NFTs. We accomplished by this building each NFT with 4 attributes that can have various rarities. By mixing different rarities into individual NFTs, we increased the number of NFTs that could have at least one desired rarity level. Remember, all Gen-0 NFTs have the advantage of unlocking Play and Earn, unlimited crafting, Discord roles, and exclusive opportunities in the future regardless of rarity. However, many users over the last few days requested more information on our distribution, and we are happy to supply that. Our Tier 1 distributions are shown below:

  • Our farmers reached a total of 3761 Tier 1 NFT seeds, resulting in 15044 NFTs and 60176 total attributes.
  • Legendary = 700 total attributes (1.16%)
  • Epic = 2909 total attributes (4.83%)
  • Rare = 6595 total attributes (10.96%)
  • Uncommon = 21345 total attributes (35.47%)
  • Common = 28627 total attributes (47.57%)

As you can see from this distribution, it was difficult to earn a rare, epic, or legendary. That is the way it should be. However, Tier 1 farmers still had a significantly higher chance of scoring a rare item compared to any other tier (2x more than Tier 2, and 5x more than tier 4). Also, if you were in Tier 5, you would get only common attributes, but otherwise, you would have got at least one uncommon type. So, if you scored a legendary, congratulations! If you feel like you got unlucky with the NFT distribution, you have the opportunity to score some great NFTs on Magic Eden, Solanart, and Fractal before Play and Earn is released.

DeFi Land NFT Marketplace

In addition to our secondary exchange partners, DeFi Landers will be able to trade NFTs in our own in-game marketplace. We previewed a blurry image on our twitter and many of you guessed exactly what it was. Very soon, we will release our own exchange that will allow you to sort prospective NFTs based on your desired attributes and trade them without additional market fees. We will start with trading just Gen-0 NFTs, but eventually we will expand to all Solana NFTs. We like to do things in true “DeFi Land” style, which aligns with our mission to gamify everything in the crypto space. From beautiful claiming animations to our rarity checker, we had a lot of fun bringing the crypto world to life through this NFT experience.

DeFi Land Gaming Philosophy

Our goal is to create an incredible Web3 game that rewards its users through a robust and sustainable in-game economy. We started by developing a great game that attracted up to 5K daily active users and a total of over 100K wallets connected. Our next chapter will be the introduction of Play and Earn mechanics, which will reward DeFi Landers with $Gold, $DFL, and NFTs. To accomplish this, we have consulted experts and other project leaders to help us craft an ecosystem that rewards our players as much as possible for as long as possible. Building a P2E game is great thing, however it’s important to make the game fun & engaging and add Play-2-Earn mechanics on top of that. Our users are enjoying just to be and interact with the game without any incentives and that’s why Play and Earn in DeFi Land will be really unique. We will continue to build our game as a place to have fun, chill out and learn more, while earning on top of that.

Remastered Fishing game

Gen-0 NFT Overview

Gen-0 NFTs are the keys to unlock Play and Earn in DeFi Land. The Gen-0 NFTs include the fishing rod, the hunting gun, the harvester, and the animals. Each NFT type unlocks Play and Earn for a specific gaming activity, outlined below:

  • Fishing Rod: Step into your row boat and cast a line into your fishing pond. Use your Gen-0 NFTs to catch a variety of beautiful fish. In our remastered fishing game, you will not only be looking to hit the sweet spot following the key directions on screen, but you will also be holding the keys to reel in the prized fishing rewards.
  • Hunting Gun: Protect your crops from invading creatures wolves and other targets while saving cows. In our remastered shooting gallery, you will face new enemies with new challenges. With stronger beasts to kill and an upgraded element of depth, you will have an opportunity to take full advantage of your new Gen-0 attributes.
  • Harvester: Harvest your crops in a hurry to satisfy the orders of delivery trucks stopping by your farm. In a race against time, you will follow instructions to harvest crops and load them onto vehicles waiting to take them away from your village. You will need to strategize how to fulfill as many orders as possible before time runs out. Keep an eye out for gameplay from our new harvesting game!
  • Animals: You will take care of your animals by feeding them, which will increase their Love Meter. There are two classes of animal that provide a unique experience. For cats and dogs, you can send them on adventures to collect you rewards while you fulfill your other farmer duties. For chicken, ducks and cows, you will nurture them until they are ready to produce eggs and milk.

You can have hours of fun by just playing these games. However, the experience is made even better when we consider the advantages provided by Gen-0 NFTs. Next, we will discuss the in-game mechanics in more detail and reveal the uses for each NFT attribute. Going into Q2, we are projecting to deliver at least 4 more new mini-games.

Duck pond in DeFi Land

Energy and Health Points

As we review our game mechanics, you will probably realize why some players are hoarding 5, 10, 20, and even more NFTs. This is mostly due to the energy and health points system. All your NFTs will require proper care, and repeated use will affect the Energy and Health Points of each NFT. These are global metrics for all types of NFT, and they work like this:

  • Energy is the number of times you can play with an NFT before it requires a cooldown. In the future, we will introduce boosting, allowing you to pay $DFL or $Gold to skip the cooldown. Per one activity your NFT will lose one energy.
  • Health points refer to the number of times you can play with an NFT before it requires a repair. Take your animals to the vet to be healed. Take the rest of the gear to the mechanic to get fixed up. Per one activity your NFT will lose one Health Point.

To you as a player, all you need to know about energy and health points is that it is important to take care of your NFTs. You are limited in how many times you can use each NFT before you are required to repair it or let it rest. If you want to play more with a single NFT before your cooldown or repair, consider upgrading your attributes (but more on in just a bit!).

From the perspective of creating a sustainable economy, the energy and health points systems prevent players from earning without any limitation. However, those who want to keep earning all day are welcome to hold more than one NFT for each gaming activites. Each NFT has its own energy and health points, meaning if one NFT runs out of energy, you can switch to another. You can collect as many fishing rods, cows, or shotguns and ensure that you never run out of activities in DeFi Land!

Attributes of #3 Ranked Shotgun

Gen-0 NFT Attributes

Each core NFT is equipped with four attributes, which provide specific advantages in DeFi Land gameplay. All NFT types have an Energy, Repair, Rewards, and Game Mechanic attribute. Players are encouraged to review this information seek out the best attributes for their playing style. Before we break down exactly what these mean for each NFT, let’s reveal the Attributes for each NFT:

The advantages of these attributes scale with their level, which depends on rarity, as shown below:

  • Common: Your starting level can be in interval of (1, 5) and your maximum level is 30.
  • Uncommon: Your starting level is in interval of (5, 10) and your maximum level is 50.
  • Rare: Your starting level is in interval of (11, 20) and your maximum level is 70.
  • Epic: Your starting level is in interval of (21, 30) and your maximum level is 90.
  • Legendary: Your starting level is in interval of (26, 50) and your maximum level is 100.

When you received your NFT, your starting level of each attribute was randomly assigned based on the interval givens above. To upgrade your attribute level, you can pay a fee in $Gold and lock the NFT for a short period of time.

Energy Attributes: Float, Handle, Harvester, Clothes

Energy is the number of times you can play with your NFT before needing to let it rest for a specific cooldown period. 1 gameplay is equal to 1 energy. Once your energy is under 1 for your NFT, you must wait for a cooldown period before you can use it again. Your NFT’s Energy Limit is the maximum energy that you can achieve with your rarity once it has been fully upgraded. Your Energy Level is the maximum energy of a fully rested NFT based on your progress toward the Energy Limit. The current energy is how many times you have left to play, which decreases by 1 with each use. When your current energy reaches 0, you will need to wait about 8–36 hours before it is back at full energy, depending on the attribute level. However, as soon as it restores a single energy bar, you can use it again. A higher energy level lets you play more games and has shorter cooldown period.

Example: If you have a fishing rod with a legendary level 100 Float that is fully rested, you can play 25 games before needing to let it cool down. Because this is a high level, you will not need to wait too long before earning again.

Repair Attributes: Bodies and Barrel

Health points are like energy, but instead of waiting for your health meter to be restored, you will need to repair your NFT. Animals will need to be taken to the vet and your gear will need to be taken to the mechanic. Both of these will be new buildings in your village. Your repair attributes will reduce the health-restoring costs. Here’s the secret: you are going to want to repair your NFTs often. Your items work best when they are in top shape, so instead of waiting for your health points to fall all the way to 0, you will want to regularly maintain your NFTs at top HP. As soon as your NFT HP gets below 90, you will notice a slight decrease in the rewards that you earn, while being below 70 will be even worse. Higher level repair attributes reduce the cost of repair per 1 Health Point.

Gen-0 Shooting Gun Stat Card

Reward Attributes: Hook, Charm, Tube, and Head

Visually, these might be the small part of each NFT, but they are incredibly powerful. Reward attributes increase the likelihood of scoring better rewards in each game you play. You might do your best to get the best score in the mini-game but without a good level of this attribute, you won’t be able to get the max reward. Your reward attribute level serves as a coefficient in calculating your reward probability. Rewards are randomly generated, but a better reward attribute tips the scales in your favor!

Game Mechanic Attributes: Reel, Scope, Wheel, and Accessory

The game mechanic attributes provide a direct impact in your gameplay experience. To understand each game mechanic, we need to discuss how the advantage it will provide in game:

  • Reel: The remastered fishing game introduces hold mechanics, but still has that sweet spot that is so challenging to hit. A high-level reel has a larger sweet spot that helps you earn a bigger fish and higher rewards.
  • Scope: You are probably already familiar with the King Crow in the shooting gallery, who takes multiple shots to kill. The remastered game will include new enemies that are also difficult to kill. The scope will increase your likelihood of inflicting critical damage. We will also introduce the element of depth into the shooting game, and the scope will help lock in on your targets. So, better the scope level, more critical damage and better zoom your shotgun gets.
  • Wheels: You’re going to be in a hurry trying to fulfill delivery orders on your harvester. Your wheels will help you move around faster and get more deliveries fulfilled before the time runs out.

The animals are a little bit different so, now that we’ve gone over most of the game mechanics, let’s discuss more about how they will earn you rewards. All animals have a love meter, which ranges from 0 (default) to 100. For animals, you will spend a little $Gold and 1 energy to feed them. Each time you feed your animals, their love meter will increase by 10 points. For cats and dogs, you will send them on adventures. You can choose a short adventure or a long adventure. An adventure can range from 1 hour for a cost of 1 HP to a full day for a cost of 5 HP (These numbers are subject to change and be optimized over the next several weeks of testing). Your rewards will increase when you send pets with a high love score on longer adventures. Chickens, ducks, and cows have the same mechanics but, instead of adventures, the chickens and ducks lay eggs and the cows produce milk. You will receive $Gold, $DFL, and maybe even NFT rewards for this.

  • Accessory: Your pets can be thought of as little passive $Gold and $DFL generators, but you will still need to be active in taking care of them. As you feed them, their love meter increases. If you neglect them, their love meter decreases. A high-level accessory will give two benefits. First, it will increase the time their bellies stay full, meaning their love meter will not decrease as soon. Second, it will decrease the amount of “love” lost during that timeframe.

Exponential Benefits with Linear Equity

When developing a Play and Earn ecosystem, the functions that distribute rewards and govern NFT advantages are crucial. Linear rewards do not properly incentivize higher levels and better gameplay. Exponential rewards do a great job incentivizing higher levels, but won’t benefit the new and improving players as much. while it’s complex for users to calculate their next moves. To reconcile this, we are basing our main in-game functions off an intuitive, yet powerful function.

The main Formula for In-game Mechanics

This is a linear function between each 5-level intervals. After each 5-level interval, the slope of the line increases. The reason for it is that every single time attribute is being leveled up to 5 multiply level, user will need to pay $GOLD as well as $DFL for it. This is the main formula for the in-game mechanics, so x can be thought of as your level, and y is your advantage. The y-value output is plugged into many of the formulas we use to determine rewards and NFT advantages. The basis of this formula is that it will strongly incentivize players to make high scores and use their legendary NFTs, but still makes it meaningful to play with common NFTs and lower scores. As it’s the combination of linear functions, it’s easy to calculate your next reward as well as works as exponential graph. We will update our docs with more specific formulas once they are battle-tested in our ecosystem.

Earning in DeFi Land

When Play and Earn launches, the main reward will be $Gold. $Gold is a token just like $DFL, but it will be entirely community driven. It will be only be generated through official DeFi Land rewards, and it will be tradeable for other cryptocurrencies. $Gold will have numerous utilities within DeFi Land, including paying for repair costs, feeding your animals, paying for upgrades, and more. Starting rewards are expected to range from 10–100 $Gold, but we will be closely monitoring these levels to provide the optimal rewards to our users. We will quickly introduce more opportunities to earn $DFL and NFT prizes in addition to $Gold in DeFi Land gaming activities. As always, the $DFL token remains a top priority of ours as a staking, governance, and utility token within our ecosystem. In-game, $DFL will be used as a “Gem” currency which will be used for boosting, some upgrades and NFT sales.

Upgrades, Renting, Boosting, and Crafting

We’ve covered the basics of NFTs and how they fit into the DeFi Land Play and Earn ecosystem. Lastly, we want to touch briefly on the exciting features that will be rolled out over the coming months. NFT upgrades will allow you to increase the potential of your NFT attributes. After paying a fee in $Gold and locking your NFT up for a set period of time, we will return to you a shiny, upgraded NFT. This will not change the visuals or rarity of the NFT, but it will absolutely increase the in-game advantages. Renting your NFTs is the feature that is super exciting for the people who own many NFTs and want to get some passive income. On the other hand, people who can’t afford to buy a Gen-0 NFT, they will be able to rent it out and access Play and Earn experience in DeFi Land. Boosting will be a feature that allows you to pay a fee in $DFL to skip the energy/upgrade cooldown and get right back to earning with your favorite NFTs. Did we mention that eventually you will be able to separate your NFT attributes and make super-NFTs? Now would be the time to collect your favorite NFT attributes, because soon you will be able to split, mix, match, and trade NFT attributes in our homegrown marketplace. Crafting will provide a wide variety of opportunities. Gen-0 NFT holders will be able to craft unlimited Gen-1 NFTs in special NFT crafting buildings. As exciting as these are to talk about right now, we will provide additional details on these features when the time is right.

We are doing everything possible to ensure that our hard-working players are rewarded, but in the end, we are a community project that is building an entire virtual economy. To truly earn in our DeFi Land ecosystem, we will need to work together to build value. This will take time, patience, and vision. We hope that our users see the long-term potential of our in-game currencies and help build a stable foundation for $Gold, $DFL, and our NFTs.

Gen-0 Solana Duck

Don’t forget, if you want to win this 1/1 Solana Duck NFT, make sure you retweet and like the recent DeFi Land tweet. Wish you the best luck!

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