Surveying the Landscape

DeFi Land gamifies decentralized finance by turning investment activities into games. While there are games that make use of the blockchain, DeFi Land is novel in that it takes DeFi as a whole and aggregates the various actions that can be taken on each DeFi platform and turns them into an interactive game that can be played. This enables all DeFi protocols to be accessed in a single location rather than having to visit each one individually. Furthermore, DeFi Land adds an incentivization layer on top, making participating through DeFi Land better than through each platform’s native UI.

Let’s take a look at a few of the aspects that make playing in DeFi Land a unique experience.

Time of Day

Just like the real world, DeFi Land goes through day and night cycles according to the user’s timezone to match their current time of day. For example, absent any cloudiness (see the next section), DeFi Land will be nice and sunny at 12:00 PM in a user’s timezone but will be relatively dark at 12:00 AM. This feature can be turned off if the user prefers a consistent appearance.


The weather in DeFi Land can be determined according to multiple factors; users will be able to choose whether they want it to be based on the current market conditions or the actual weather in their physical location. For example, suppose the market is experiencing a major down day. To reflect this, the weather in DeFi Land might be cloudy, windy, rainy, or there may even be a thunderstorm or hailstorm depending on how steep the market decline is. On the other hand, if the market is doing well, the weather will be calm and sunny and you might even see a rainbow.


Like the weather, the music in DeFi Land will also reflect the current market conditions; slower, melancholy music when the market is doing poorly and faster, upbeat music when the market is doing well. DeFi Land will have its own composers who make original music for the game. For users who want more control over their tunes, there will also be a radio station building where users can choose the channel that they would like to listen to.

Matching the in-game atmosphere with conditions in the real world while still providing users the ability to adjust them at will in the ways mentioned above will make playing in DeFi Land a more immersive experience.

Stay tuned for more articles like this about the inner workings of DeFi Land!

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