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6 min readDec 8, 2023


Fock it, it’s here.

Dear DeFi Landers,

The highly anticipated Mad Lads Raffle goes live on Monday, December 11, 3PM UTC. This is our biggest giveaway. Ever. Our legacy with the Mad Lads community began when we distributed 250 xNFT Backpack invite codes through our Play & Earn mechanics. Each invite code granted early access to the Backpack wallet and a whitelist spot for the Mad Lads NFT mint. In the end, we were unbelievably blessed by the value this opportunity produced for our community. Today, we are launching a campaign to give back even more to these partnered communities: Mad Lad #5351, valued over $25,000, will be the grand prize of our first Golden Raffle.

  • Grand Prize: Mad Lad #5351
  • Second Place: Three Mythic Alpaca NFTs
  • Third Place: Four Baby Almighty Alpaca NFTs
  • The Raffle will run from Monday, December 11 to Friday, December 15. Winners will be announced on our weekly Farmer’s Hall AMA in Discord.
Over $30,000 in rewards for our first Golden Raffle

Raffles were introduced to DeFi Land as the icing on the cake of our Play & Earn ecosystem. Raffles are a use-case for our ecosystem tokens ($GOLDY and $DFL) and a way to increase the rewards of our mini-games. The Golden Raffle system will raise the stakes even further. The raffle is a tier-based system:

  • Tier 1 (200+ tickets) qualifies you for all prizes. You must reach Tier 1 to win the Mad Lad.
  • Tier 2 (100–199 tickets) qualifies you for the mythic and baby alpacas.
  • Tier 3 (0–99 tickets) qualifies you only for baby alpacas.
  • You will purchase or earn golden tickets and redeem them in the Raffle House. Tickets can be purchased from the Raffle House for 2000 $GOLDY and 200 $DFL, or earned by playing DeFi Land mini-games with Gen-0 NFTs. A full guide to redeeming tickets will be provided below.
  • To promote fairness, the Tier 1 winner will be randomly selected first. That winner will earn the Mad Lad and be excluded from winning the second and third place prizes. Then the second-place winner will be selected, and so on.
  • If you have any questions on redeeming tickets, transferring between your global and in-game wallets, and the Tier-based raffle system, join our helpful community in Discord!
The beautiful new Golden Ticket

Redeeming your Golden Tickets

Golden tickets can be purchased in the DeFi Land Raffle House. Getting started as a DeFi Lander is as easy as connecting your wallet to or accessing our xNFT in your Backpacks! You can purchase $GOLDY and $DFL on major marketplaces but hey, you’re in DeFi Land already so you might as well check out our powerful in-game market aggregator. Harness the power of protocols like Jupiter and Prism, and swap between any Solana tokens from the comfort of your farm.

The wallet transfer interface used to load your in-game wallet with $GOLDY and $DFL

To purchase raffle tickets, start by using the marketplace to swap for $GOLDY and $DFL. On the top right corner, you will find a button for in-game transfers. Use the wallet transfer menu option to swap between your digital wallet and your in-game wallet. Then head to the raffle house to purchase and redeem your Golden Tickets.

- Great but what happens with the $DFL and $GOLDY that team gathers?

- We burn it all!

Once you enter a Raffle building, on the right side you will be able to see a Ticket icon, which will open a ticket purchasing window. Make sure you buy a Golden Ticket to participate in Mad Raffle.

Golden Tickets will also be added as random drops to your favorite DeFi Land mini-games starting tomorrow. You can hunt, fish, harvest, and pet your way to rewards! Then redeem your tickets in the Raffle House. Getting started playing DeFi Land is fun, and hunting down the Gen-0 NFTs that will earn you raffle tickets is just as exciting.

Here are a few guides to get you started:

🪂 Mad Lads Holders 🪂

We are giving all Mad Lads holders a head start in the raffle. We are airdropping you 50 tickets just for being awesome, no matter if you own 1 or 10 Lads. Snapshot for Lad holders will be taken on Sunday. Remember, these raffle tickets can only be seen and used in DeFi Land game, and they must be redeemed to qualify. Come check us out!

The Almighty Alpacas — Second and Third Place

While the hype around Mad Lads is undeniable, don’t sleep on the value of the Alpaca NFT prizes. With Alpaca Dash on the horizon and the floor price of the Almighty Alpacas in a true mode of price discovery, earning second or third place is a huge win.

Examples of Mythic Alpacas!
  • Second Place: The Mythic Alpacas are the top tier Alpaca Dash competitors. Three Mythic Alpacas are valued at 33 SOL, based on an estimated 11 SOL floor price each.
  • Third Place: Baby Almighty Alpacas are rare, adorable, and your last chance to possibly mint a mythic alpaca before Alpaca Dash takes off. Four Baby Almighty Alpacas are valued at 16 SOL, based on an estimated 4 SOL floor price each.

Yes, we are truly are mad with this giveaway, but we love our community. Now is the best opportunity to explore our ecosystem before our major upcoming releases. We recently Reintroduced DeFi Land ahead of Season 2, Alpaca Dash, and our mobile game releases.

🪂 …And Almighty Alpaca Holders🪂

We are giving all Almighty Alpaca holders 10 Golden Tickets for supporting us. It’s per unique owner and not per Alpaca. Snapshot will be made on Sunday.

Want to Learn More About DeFi Land?

DeFi Land is one of the OG Solana projects, with awards and seed funding dating back to 2021. We have a proven track record of delivering the very best in GameFi. Our mission is to make it simple and easy for anyone to take part in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto.

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