Wrapping Up a Successful NFT Drop, and What Comes Next?

Our Gen-0 NFT Launch was a success! The 7500 NFT seeds had 8 hour interval for whitelisted users to give everyone across the globe enough time to buy. Afterwards the rest of NFTs sold out within 80 seconds of the public sale and are now in the hands of our wonderful DeFi Land community. Those seeds will blossom into our core NFTs that carry the power to unlock Play-To-Earn mechanics in-game. Before we get into some details about how to maximize the rewards from your new NFT seed, let’s review some highlights from our community:

  • DeFi Land reached 100K Twitter followers the day before the mint.
  • Discord community grew from 23,000 to 43,800 members.
  • In just the last 3 days, we welcomed 8,000 newcomers to the DeFi Land game.
  • The NFT seeds were successfully launched on three secondary marketplaces (Magic Eden, Solanart, and Fractal), and they are already flying off the shelves. 24hr trading volume exceeded 15,000 $SOL.
  • The highly anticipated single-sided staking feature has been audited and ready for action. Staking in DeFi Land will offer competitive yields and special incentives for our long-term holders. We can’t wait to announce the details next week!

How to Grow Your NFT Seed

Minting your NFT seed was just the beginning of maximizing your rewards. While you can certainly do nothing and wait for your seed to turn into a single core NFT, you have the option to grow your seed into 4 NFTs! You do that by planting your seed in-game on 5PM UTC, Tuesday, February 15 and watering it daily with DFL tokens. IMPORTANT: You won’t be able to water your seeds after 18th of March, so it will be instantly claimable but placed in Tier 5. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. You have a few days to prepare for the watering process. We encourage you to play the game a bit before watering begins. We have plenty of features that will keep you entertained, like our mini-games, edit mode where you can customize your land, and you can even visit your friends’ villages. You can connect your wallet and play the game for free here: http://play.defiland.app/
  2. On February 15, you will have a new garden in your village. This garden will be where you plant your seed, which simply means you are locking it into a smart contract for 30 days. Everyone one will have 24 hours to make their first watering.
  3. Each 24 hours during that 30-day period, you can water your seed with 0–150 DFL tokens. You will earn your way into one of 5 Tiers based on the total amount of DFL you used for watering during those 30 days. Your final rewards are based on your tier. Watering event will end for everyone no matter planting time on 18th of March.
  4. At the end of the 30-day period, a candy machine will appear in your village to distribute the rewards. And what happens to the DFL you used for watering? We will burn 100% of it.
  5. Make sure you check out the official docs and join our Discord to learn everything about our game.

The Tier System

We’ve covered our tier system for NFT rewards a few times in previous articles, but we want to make sure all our users are 100% educated and prepared to make the most out of this process. Use this tier system to determine which watering strategy will get you to your desired amount of NFTs:

Tier 5 = 0–<750 DFL added in total. Reward is 1 Gen-0 NFT with a small chance of receiving a rare item.

Tier 4 = 750–<2000 DFL in total. Reward is 2 Gen-0 NFTs with a small chance of receiving a rare item.

Tier 3 = 2000–<3000 DFL in total. Reward is 2 Gen-0 NFTs with a medium chance of receiving a rare item.

Tier 2 = 3000–<4200 DFL in total. Reward is 3 Gen-0 NFTs with a higher chance of receiving a rare item.

Tier 1 = 4200–4500 DFL in total. Reward is 4 Gen-0 NFTs with the highest chance of receiving a rare item.

Lastly for today, we want to say thank you to our entire team and community. Through many sleepless nights, our team worked to produce a smooth minting experience hosted entirely on our own website. The website attracted 144,000 unique IPs through the course of the whitelist and public sales, and yet we experienced no downtime or major issues. This is a testament to how hard our team worked to prepare for all the possibilities and to make sure that our community received a fair shot at minting your seeds. We did this all for you, our growing community of DeFi Landers. Thanks to the support of each and every one of you, our team is more motivated than ever to continue delivering the best gamified DeFi experience on the blockchain.

If you still have questions or just want to be a part of our family, don’t forget to join our communities! We have Weekly Farmers Townhalls every Friday at 3 PM UTC.



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