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5 min readFeb 24, 2023


Fusion is LIVE in DeFi Land!

Here in DeFi Land, the power of the Solana blockchain fuels our ability to mint, earn, farm, and forge. Our master craftsman, Roger, has been working tirelessly in his workshop to harness this power for an emerging technology. At first, he experimented with NFT attributes lying around after forging. He discovered that he could combine two NFT attributes in his Solana furnace and craft a stronger, rarer item. However, this wasn’t a perfect process. Sometimes he would combine two NFTs and they would simply burn to dust. Then he combined three, four, five, and even seven attributes! The more attributes he threw into the furnace, the higher his chances were to form an upgraded item. His obsession grew and grew. He began to collect attributes, sweeping floors from Magic Eden to the local DeFi Land Marketplace, and continued to reign in his craft. Finally today, Roger is ready to share the technology of our brand new NFT mechanic: Fusion.

Fusion process with the lucky 5% chance of getting rare attribute

What is Fusion?

DeFi Land is one of the most actively played blockchain games in the world. Our Gen-0 NFT collection unlocks our Play & Earn mode, which rewards you with $GOLDY tokens, raffle tickets, and leaderboard prizes. Rarer and more powerful NFTs help you earn more, play more, and achieve higher scores.

The fusion mechanic allows you to burn multiple Gen-0 NFT attributes for a chance to improve their rarity (you will have to disassemble your Gen-0 NFT before fusing). You will be guided through the process in the NFT Forging building, where Roger will show you the probabilities of earning specific rarities and attributes. Let’s go over some ground rules:

  • Fusion has a low cost of just 1000 $GOLDY.
  • You can fuse 2 to 7 attributes of the same NFT type and rarity. You will earn one attribute from each fusion event.
  • Any rarity from common to epic can be fused, meaning you can chain fusions from common all the way to legendary.
  • The number of attributes fused correlates with the probability of upgrading your rarity by up to three tiers (full details shown below).
  • The attribute type you earn depends on the attribute types you fuse. For example, if you fuse 3 hooks and 1 float, you will have a 75% chance of earning a hook and a 25% chance of earning a float. You cannot fuse attributes from different NFT types.
  • Fully upgraded attributes will not lose their upgrade status. The attribute you earn from fusion will have a level between the current level and the level cap of its new rarity. For example, if you burn 3 level 30 commons and receive an uncommon, its starting level will be between 30 and 50.
  • If the attributes you are going to use for Fusion are not maxxed out, then the level of the new NFT attribute will be in the range of (average of levels/2; average of levels*new rarity level cap/current level cap). For example, if you fuse 30, 15, 30 level attributes and got uncommon NFT, then the new level will be in the range of (25/2; 25*50/30) -> (12.5; 41.5)
  • Don’t forget to review the costs of Forging, which will be necessary to reassemble your NFTs. All attributes are tradeable.

Here is the complete breakdown of the probabilities to help you craft your best fusion strategy:

Fuse to upgrade any rarity tier

Impact of Fusion on our NFT Ecosystem

We always knew the day would come when we would need to burn off some Gen-0 NFTs. Our watering event in early 2022 was an innovative mechanism that rewarded our early players with extra NFTs. However, this elevated supply now needs to meet its end. The fusion mechanic is our avenue toward providing bonus utilities for low-rank NFT attributes, while also shrinking the total supply. The numbers we derived for fusion follow a few goals:

  • First and foremost, we want to reward the players. Reducing the supply, raising the floor, and upgrading attributes will help our current players earn more powerful items during the bear market.
  • Our goal is to burn all the low rarity attributes. We carefully considered the consequences to ensure that we are not overly inflating the supplies of rare, epic, and legendary attributes. We expect that the number of these attributes will increase slightly, but the impact of the burns will overcome this.
  • Fusion is a risk, and not every fusion will be successful. In order to have a sustainable approach to this gamified NFT mechanic, we need winners and losers based on a probability distribution.
  • Fusion is fun. With amazing visuals, sound effects, and the chance to get super lucky with a triple upgrade, fusion is just another exciting gamification feature.
  • We are hoping to equip our most ambitious players with the best NFTs possible. The next phase of earning in DeFi Land will be PvP-centric (think regular team challenges and opt-in competitions), meaning there will be higher rewards for more competitive players.

Stomping into the Next Season

As our first official Play & Earn season comes to a close, don’t forget that the Almighty Alpacas are stomping their way toward DeFi Land. Our top players will be first in line for the coveted whitelists (and maybe even some free mints!) for the Alpaca takeover. The next few weeks will be packed with promos, alpha, giveaways, collabs, and more! Don’t forget to join our Discord every Friday at 15:00 UTC for our Farmer’s Hall AMA to learn more.

Want to learn more about DeFi Land? DeFi Land is a unique, multi-chain agriculture-simulation game created to gamify all aspects of decentralized finance. Our mission is to make it simple and easy for anyone to take part in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto. Check out our socials here.



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