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4 min readNov 9, 2023


Can you hear that sound? A trembling in the distance, like an army marching closer and closer. First, over the horizon you see their hats and hairdos. Then you their smiles, their skips, and their swag. Who would have ever believed the sound belonged to an army so cute?

Dear DeFi Landers,

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? We’ve been steadily grinding throughout the summer, pushing the limits to make Alpaca Dash the best possible gaming experience. We’ve already gotten some of our loyal community and Solana Foundation insiders hooked, but today we will drop details on how you can join closed testing for the premier blockchain game of the year.

What is Alpaca Dash?

Alpaca Dash is the flagship racing game of DeFi Land. With incredible animations, realistic physics, heart-pumping soundtracks, and endless opportunities for competitive fun, Alpaca Dash is so much more than an idle racing game. We combined the thrill of photo-finish racing games with strategic elements that are certain to appeal to crypto-degens and statisticians, alike.

Home Lobby Interface

The Racing Interface — Choosing a Lobby

Almighty Alpacas have tons of diversity — some are fast, some are cunning, some have stamina, and those 1/1s are all-around awesome. Scroll through endless lobbies and pick the best one for your Alpaca. Each lobby has a unique ruleset defines stat limitations and the racing environment. These simple (but strategic!) rulesets give an opportunity to all Alpacas.

Lobby Details, Rulesets, and Environment

Preparing for the Race

Once you enter the lobby, you will be able to choose the best Alpaca for the particular ruleset, weather, obstacles, and environment. This is your time to prep, check out the competition, and select the specific skills (coming soon!) that will help your Alpaca win the race. You are allowed to enter multiple Alpacas, as long as there is space in the lobby.

It’s On!

The cinematic racing experience begins when the countdown hits zero. The music starts and the hype is engaged. Switch between various camera angles as your Almighty Alpaca dashes for the gold. There will be obstacles, comebacks, and surprises, so you can never be too certain who is going to win until the photo-finish. As soon as the race ends, we know you will be eager to enter another — That’s why we have races running 24/7 with unlimited rulesets.

More features will be rolled out to amplify the racing experience. These include Crown Races, Revenge Modes, Grand Tournaments, Betting, and Mobile-friendly racing.

How can you gain access to closed testing?

All Almighty Alpaca NFT owners are eligible for early access, and our loudest and proudest community members are first in line to earn access to Alpaca Dash Closed Testing. What can you do to stand out?

  • Join our family on Discord and Twitter
  • Show genuine support for our DeFi Land community by answering questions from newcomers, writing twitter threads, or sharing your own artwork, illustrations, and media.
  • Purchase or earn an Almighty Alpaca NFT. You can purchase Almighty Alpaca NFT on our own marketplace or Tensor.
  • Join our Friday Townhalls led by DFL Erwin every week at 3 PM UTC for a chance to learn more.
  • If you don’t get lucky, no worries. Alpaca Dash will be entering Public Alpha Testing soon.

What are Almighty Alpaca NFTs?

Though they need no introduction, Almighty Alpacas are the cutest and most ambitious critters of the Solana NFT ecosystem. In spring, DeFi Landers minted 3750 Baby Almighty Alpacas, and raised them to become ferocious racing animals. These NFTs are packed with innovation, including Hold 2 Earn royalty incentives and the best art reveal of all time. Complete with unique physical attributes, racing skills, and hidden genetic traits, every single Alpaca has a will to win. With Hold 2 Earn, you will earn 1% of royalties for each week you hold your Almighty Alpaca until you are earning 100% of the royalties. When an alpaca reaches 100% royalties distributed back to the players, the newest holder will begin taking royalty share from the oldest holder. No need to explain more, go and try holding the most innovative Solana NFT yourself!

Read more about Almighty Alpaca NFTs here.
Purchase an Almighty Alpaca NFT on
DeFi Land Marketplace or Tensor.

Want to Learn More About DeFi Land?

DeFi Land is one of the OG Solana projects, with awards and seed funding dating back to 2021. We have a proven track record of delivering the very best in GameFi. Our mission is to make it simple and easy for anyone to take part in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto. Team lead DFL Erwin will be giving multiple presentations at Solana Breakpoint this November in Amsterdam, so make sure to check the schedule and meet us in person! Alpaca Dash is just one dimension of the DeFi Land ecosystem. We have so much more coming, including:

  • Mobile development is happening in parallel to our preparation for Season 2 in DeFi Land. You can expect our pre-alpha to drop soon on Saga and Android, with iOS soon to follow.
  • PvP is being reinvented as FvF (Farmer vs. Farmer) for DeFi Land. You will soon be able to compete with fellow DeFi Landers in all your favorite games.
  • Social media campaigns will trail all of our releases. We will build extreme hype as we steamroll toward the next bull run.

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