Race to Riches: Alpaca Dash Public Testing Goes Live

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13 min readApr 24, 2024

Dear DeFi Landers,

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. The Almighty Alpacas are lined up for the launch of the Alpaca Dash Pre-Season Testing! We spent the last year building, fine-tuning, and perfecting every aspect of the game to deliver the best possible racing experience to our deserving community. So, pick out your favorite Almighty Alpaca, have some $DFL handy, and turn your speakers up to 11.

Ready. Set. GO!

Alpaca Dash is the premier racing game of the blockchain, where you can race Almighty Alpaca NFTs to win $USDC and $DFL prizes. Alpaca Dash is the first of its kind — an innovative RPG x Idle racing game where strategy meets speed. In this unique gaming experience, players race their alpacas across diverse environments and weather conditions. Each race is a new challenge, requiring players to strategically select buffs, debuffs, shields, and tactics to outmaneuver competitors and clinch victory. Entry into each race requires a fee, with podium finishers taking home the prize pot.

Unique Genre

Problem for web3 games are that degens are not interested enough to spend hours playing/grinding the game, while gamers are not interested and excited enough to switch from web2 to web3 gaming. Designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of players, Alpaca Dash offers a unique blend of gameplay elements. Whether you’re a web3 enthusiast looking for fun and casual play to maximize your DFL earnings, or a hardcore gamer drawn to in-depth strategies involving skill trees, genetics, and dynamic environments, Alpaca Dash provides a rich, engaging experience. This game is crafted not only for those who enjoy the thrill of the race but also for players who appreciate a deeper strategic layer in their gaming pursuits. With infinite combinations of luck, skills, and strategy, each race builds into a thrilling and unpredictable ending. Our ambition with Alpaca Dash is loud, clear, and simple: We want to be the most active game on the Solana blockchain and a Top 5 game on all blockchains by the end of the year. This will start by offering public testing over the next 1–2 months, as we look forward to the full-scale release this summer.

Play Alpaca Dash Now || Play on Web || Trade Alpacas on ME or Our Website

The Competition Starts Now

The Solana ecosystem has been an exciting venue for airdrops, meme tokens, and chasing bull market pumps. We have proudly given DeFi Landers the incredible opportunity to be a part of this movement. We sowed the seeds for Jupiter, Tensor, and Kamino airdrops. We distributed over a hundred Backpack codes, which turned into Mad Lads whitelists. We supported our partners in gaming and DeFi, from Aurory to Symmetry, through the Bear Market to get to where we are today.

Now, it’s time to zero in on the next narrative: Gaming. We are hoping to bring eyes to Alpaca Dash using the one language that crypto users speak the best: rewards. In addition to simply being an awesome game, Alpaca Dash will reward your loyalty, skill, and dedication. Pre-Season leaders will qualify for massive $USDC, $DFL, and NFT rewards. It could, quite literally, pay to be early.

$30,000+ in Prizes

In Alpaca Dash, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking approach to our leaderboard system. To ensure a fair and engaging competition, we’ve designed our leaderboard to focus on the performance of individual alpacas, rather than the activity across a player’s wallet. This prevents players from manipulating rankings by transferring alpacas between wallets to ‘reset’ their scores.

Leaderboard from Alpaca Dash Public Testing

To make the competition even more thrilling, our leaderboard will feature various interesting prize tracks. The main two prize tracks will be PNL and Earnings. However additionally, we have rewards for players who have raced the most, who has lost the most as well as for those who have invested the most financially. This diverse range of categories ensures that every player has a chance to win something special, regardless of their playing style.

During our public testing phase, we are offering a robust reward pool to further fuel the competitive spirit. Players can look forward to competing for a share of 30,000 USDC, along with DFL tokens and exclusive NFTs from our collaborating projects. These prizes are not just rewards; they are a direct incentive to dive deep into the world of Alpaca Dash and strive for the top. Join us in this unique blend of RPG and idle racing where your strategic decisions will propel your alpaca to victory!

Ape in your Alpacas — Your QuickStart Guide

Alpaca Dash combines luck and strategy through unique lobbies, hidden NFT genetics, and unlockable skills. DeFi Landers who uncover all these details will be able to achieve strategic victories with their army of Alpacas. We will reveal tons of details today, but first here’s a very quick guide to getting started:

  • To participate, you must hold an Almighty Alpaca NFT and $DFL tokens to wager. Races will have variable entrance fees, from fun 1000 $DFL buy-ins to rare jackpot (100K $DFL buy-in) races. 90% of the entrance fees will be redistributed to the top three racers. Whether you win or lose, the XP rewards will also scale with the entrance fees. In other words, higher entrance fees = higher $DFL earnings for the winners and higher XP rewards for everyone.
  • When you log in for the first time, we will walk you through an interactive tutorial on the basics of navigating the website, registering your alpaca, choosing skills, and preparing for the race. This is highly encouraged for first-time players!
  • Click the (+) by your $DFL in the top-right corner of the page to transfer your $DFL from your digital wallet to your in-game wallet. This is essential to keep the game running smoothly, even at peak network congestion.
  • Races begin every 5 minutes. Browse up to 12 hours of races to find the best racing environment and ruleset for your alpacas. You can submit an alpaca to one race at a time, and you are welcome to submit multiple alpacas to a single race if there is room. Withdrawal from a race incurs a 10% fee.
  • After submitting your alpaca, select up to 5 unique skills that will be activated during the race. Every alpaca begins with 10 skill points, so make sure you begin your skill tree before your first race! Skills maximize the fun and can give you the strategic edge to win.
  • Once the race begins, sit back and enjoy the best racing experience on the blockchain. Scroll through different camera views, jam our in-house soundtrack, and brace yourself for the suspense.
  • It’s called an idle racing game for a reason. You don’t have to activate any skills, smash keyboard or try to aim. Almighty Alpacas will race, cast skills and go over obstacles by themselves. Your job is to analyze the race in every detail and use the experience for the next time.
  • You do not need to watch the race to participate and win the prizes. If you miss the excitement of a race, all of your recent races are recorded and available in the History tab.
  • Keep notes on your alpaca’s performance with different skills, environments, and obstacles. We provide comprehensive statistics to help you discover your alpaca’s hidden advantages and select races in the future that will solidify your chances at victory.

The guide above will certainly get you started, but remember, your precious tokens are on the line. For all of you dedicated DeFi Landers, let’s break down all the amazing details of Alpaca Dash and reveal the secrets to success.

Before you continue reading — please keep in mind that Alpaca Dash is not fully launched yet and is only in it’s first public testing phase. Game will be optimized, improved and numbers will be adjusted/balanced on the go. If you would love to help us shape the future of web3 gaming, please share your feedback and report all bugs in our Discord.

Continuous Races and Endless Fun

Let’s start in the racing lobby. Each race has a unique set of environments, rules, and rewards. Every detail in the lobby is a key to your success.

Every detail is a key to your success

The race track: From the golden glades to the red rock cliffs, the race tracks are more than a spectacle of beauty. Each race track has its own set of variables that can boost or slow down your alpacas depending on their hidden genetics.

  • Stat limitations: These balance the races by giving different alpacas the chances to excel. Look for the green check on a race to signify that there is a stat limitation. Stat limitations can limit individual stats (like maximum speed of 60) or total (sum of stats less than 300). Races with stat limitations are where you can strategically pick your best alpaca for a given race, even if it’s not the rarest or highest level.
  • Weather: Race in the sun, wind, rain, and cold. Rain slows your alpacas down and the heat taxes their endurance. The wind is physically engineered to boost or subdue your alpaca depending on the direction it’s blowing.
  • Obstacles: You can preview the expected obstacles to survey the rugged terrain. Obstacles like ice, rocks, mud, and sand, will be randomly generated in each lane, adding a subtle RNG element to each game. Understanding the obstacles are also essential to selecting your skills.
  • Number of laps and length: The longer the track, the more taxing the race will be on your alpaca’s endurance. Choose your most durable alpacas for the longest races.

Did you know that Almighty Alpacas have several industry-leading innovations built in since day one? Learn all about Mint 2 Earn, Hold 2 Earn, and everything else you need to know about the Almighty Alpacas.

If you’re on the go and have tons of alpacas to race (looking at a few of our most competitive players… you know who you are), you can submit your alpacas to races up to 24 hours in advance. In the right conditions and with the right strategy, an Almighty Alpaca can defeat a Mythic Alpaca or even a 1/1. Or you can just ape into each and every race. We’re cool with that, too.

Alpaca Dash Lite: Website on the Go

Race Lobby Visual from Alpaca Dash Lite Website

We are thrilled to introduce the mobile-friendly website for Alpaca Dash, designed as a versatile alternative for players experiencing lag in-game or those who prefer accessing the game on-the-go. This ‘lite’ web version ensures that you can engage with all aspects of the game directly from your mobile device without missing a beat.

Through our website, you can effortlessly register your alpacas, explore skill trees, review race histories, and collect rewards, all optimized for smooth performance on slower browsers and mobile devices. Your alpacas continue their races seamlessly, allowing you to stay involved without the need to be tethered to a computer.

Additionally, for enthusiasts keen on analytics, our website offers detailed statistics for each alpaca, complete with a variety of filters and options to enhance your strategic planning. Whether at home or on the move, our mobile-friendly website ensures that you are always just a tap away from the heart-pounding excitement of Alpaca Dash.

Stats and Hidden Genetics

View your attributes, Discover your genetics

How can you uncover your alpaca’s strengths and weaknesses? Raising your alpaca is a journey. DeFi Landers who take the time to learn their alpaca’s personalities have the greatest chances of victory. This is because your alpaca’s strengths and weaknesses are tied to the metadata of your NFT in the form of its stats and hidden genetics.

  • Stats: you can view your alpaca’s Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Endurance, and Intelligence. Each of these has a direct impact on how your alpaca performs in each race. However, there is a secret influence on these skills that can be determined only through studying your alpaca in different racing environments.
  • Hidden Genetics: The attributes of your alpacas are just the surface of their personalities. Genetics are essentially secret multipliers on stats that take effect in certain environments. Take note when your alpaca performs better than expected, and you’ll be able to secure an advantage when selecting future races.

Skill Trees and Strategy

Skill Tree Progress for Intelligence, Agility, and Strength

Your alpaca starts with a default of 10 skill points. This means you get to select your starting skills before your very first race. Every race will earn your alpaca XP toward leveling up. Each level earns skill points, which can be used to embark on your journey through your alpaca’s skill tree. Higher-level skills will be costlier, and we are expecting that it will take 1–2 months of regular gameplay to unlock the full skill tree. Skills are divided into three categories (with more to come):

  • Intelligence Skills invoke your alpaca’s natural curiosity and cunning, with power-ups like Knowledge, Cleansing Blow-Out, and Chant of the Sun. These skills allow your alpaca to withstand obstacles and inflict psychological sabotage on your nearest opponents.
  • Agility Skills boost your alpaca’s speed and maneuvering abilities, even in the face of the wind and the rain. Improve your alpaca’s handling with Sky Jump, accelerate with Launch Thrust, and zip through the course with Light Speed.
  • Strength Skills sharpen your alpaca’s mental and physical fortitude to secure a dominant performance. Enhance your alpaca’s endurance with Buddha Breathing, crush obstacles with Rock Hoppera, and seal your victory with Hoof of Destiny.

Skills are one of the most important parts of the game, allowing you to not only be rewarded for gaining XP, but also to add deep elements of strategy and even teamwork.

Randomized Set of Skills before Entering the Race
  • Strategy: From your unlocked skills, you will be getting a set of random skills in each race. The reason we implemented this is to make sure that you can’t utilize OP/Meta skills all the time and brings additional fun and RNG element to the game strategy. Selecting 5 different skills in a single race will require you to think about your own alpaca’s strengths, the racing environment, and the obstacles. There are Passive and Active skills, buffs, debuffs and shields, so make sure you take your time reading all the skills descriptions. This gives you more control over the fate of the thrilling race.
  • Teamwork: If you’ve ever watched the Tour De France, you know that no racer gets the golden jersey without the help of his team. In Alpaca Dash, you can use multiple alpacas in a single race to boost your chances at victory. For example: you can boost one alpaca with skills that slow down nearby racers, and one alpaca to surge its way to victory in a distant lane.

Tip: strategically navigate the skill tree to ensure that you are maximizing your chances at victory, even when you haven’t unlocked all the finest skills. If you own multiple alpacas, consider unlocking different skills to use team work during each race.

The Main Show

When the countdown runs reaches zero, the race is on. This is where you’ll see the countless hours poured into refining every tiny detail. With multidimensional views, customizable graphics, and heart pumping soundtracks, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire race. If you’re a true student of the game, use replay mode to analyze your alpaca’s performance.

All Eyes on Alpaca Dash

If you own a Baby Almighty Alpaca, you can grow and turn it to Almighty Alpaca (Racing Utility NFT) at https://almightyalpacas.com/reveal — There are 20 Mythic Almighty Alpacas left. You might get lucky!

Alpaca Dash is our premier game of the year, and we will fight hard to make sure we get the recognition we deserve. We will begin amplifying our marketing efforts, which will include:

Profile and Referral Page
  • A meaningful referral system will give you a share of every entrance fee paid by your friends who try the game using your link!
  • Crypto Influencer Reviews and Live Gameplay
  • Ecosystem AMAs with our friends in the Solana ecosystem
  • Collaboration through co-promotion, including sharing our favorite partners on our in-game billboards. You might even see some of your favorite NFTs (Aurory, Mad Lads, Portals) cheering you on as NPCs in the stands
  • Partner projects will receive $DFL racing credits to get a few free races in to try out the game — reach out!
  • Rewards donated or purchased from our partners that will be allocated to our leaderboard

In tune with Solana Airdrop Season, we will work hard to ensure that our community continues to be rewarded — OGs of the game taking first priority, of course. We are collecting all sorts of data for our leaderboard, which will include the most committed racers, the most achieved alpacas, and the biggest losers. Be there on day one, and secure your bag of prizes. That’s all we can say, for now.

The Future: Betting, Tournaments, and Rebalancing

There is a beautiful complexity associated with the skill trees, stats, and hidden genetics of each Alpaca. Achieving the perfect balance to keep our wide audience engaged will be a major focus of public testing. We look forward to hearing construction feedback and critiques on our way to perfecting the game. We already building some incredible features for the public release and future seasons, such as:

  • Betting, tournaments, 1v1 modes, and team battles will dial up the competitiveness, while adding more use-cases for $DFL.
  • Free-to-Play with compressed NFTs will come in the summer for the public launch of the game.
  • Track Ownerships with token staking enabling fee sharing and custom race/tournament hosting opportunities. Owners will be able to customize Ads, banners and maps itself as well with DAO voting.
  • Breeding new generation of Mighty Alpacas, Seasons and Seasonal passes.
  • More skills, maps, obstacles, and racing conditions. Look forward to racing your alpacas underwater, in the snow, and on the Solana Summer beaches!
  • Breeding will introduce new generations of alpacas and allow more players to join us. These less-than-almighty alpacas (yes, we’ll come up with a better name) will have limited races before they need to be retired, but will certainly be able to keep up!

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