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How the bear market sculpted our vision

Dear DeFi Landers,

We are here at what could be the end of the most chaotic and challenging bear market. We endured tumultuous economic headwinds, unfavorable regulatory environments, and unprecedented exchange collapses. However, in the shadow of all of this adversity, we seized the opportunity to build our product and community. Today, as we celebrate green candles and surging interest in the Solana ecosystem, we feel it is the perfect time to reintroduce DeFi Land and share our vision for a bright future.

Before we even get started, let’s list only major product and services that DeFi Land has built since 2021:

How to Get Started in DeFi Land

An introduction to DeFi Land by our community content creator, Entertaining Entropy

You may have heard that DeFi Land is the “Farmville of web3” and a Top 3 blockchain game in the world, so how do you get started? One of the beautiful things about blockchain games is the simplicity of connecting to your favorite apps. No lengthy sign-ups or entering your credit card information. Simply connect your wallet and you’re in!

  • Your village is a gamified version of your DeFi portfolio. Check the markets, swap tokens using our built-in market aggregator, participate in DeFi using your farms, and stake $DFL tokens in the bank building.
  • Move some buildings around in Edit Mode or check out fan-favorite integrations like our Audius Radio Tower and Solana Status Windmills.
  • Special buildings host our mini-games, including fishing, harvesting, and the shooting range. You can play all games for free to earn XP or purchase Gen-0 NFTs to earn $GOLDY tokens.
  • You can then amplify earnings by upgrading your NFTs or taking your chance in our coin-flip game or raffles.
  • For full gameplay guides, check out our docs!

Season 2 (coming very soon!) will feature Harvesting and Shooting PvP modes, customizable skins for your village, loot crates with NFT and token prizes, and new soundtracks. Players can also expect new in-game achievements, the ability to spend multiple NFT energies for a single game (increased rewards!), and it might just be time to add functionality to the fireside chat.

Play & Earn with Gen-0 NFTs

Learn more about Play & Earn with Gen-0 NFTs

The Gen-0 NFT mint and watering event is one of our cherished memories of DeFi Land history. These beautiful NFTs, which include the harvesters, fishing rods, guns, and (everyone’s favorite) pets unlock Play & Earn in the DeFi Land ecosystem. Far more than just your ordinary .jpeg NFTs, DeFi Land NFTs can be played as 3D assets in-game. They are upgradeable using $GOLDY and $DFL, but you can further customize them through forging (dismantling the NFTs into their attributes and combining them in unique ways) and fusion (burning attributes to increase their rarity and power). Our legendary NFTs are some of the most scarce, powerful, and coveted NFTs in blockchain gaming.

The Almighty Alpaca Universe

The Almighty Alpaca NFT collection was our first step toward a broader portfolio of gaming. These fast, adorable, and sometimes ferocious alpacas are lining up to race in our premier racing game, Alpaca Dash. Alpaca Dash is so much more than an idle racing game. There will be infinite strategies based on your environment, your alpaca’s strengths, and skill combinations. Each race is packed with dazzling graphics, a rocking soundtrack, and unpredictable comebacks. You’ll be on the edge of your seat for the entire race.

Have you read enough to peak your interest? Closed Testing is happening right now and any Alpaca owner can request access. Follow our Twitter for gameplay previews daily sneak peaks.

Almighty Alpaca Lobby and a Sneak Peak of Skills

Other than being the key to Alpaca Dash, Almighty Alpacas feature two incredible utilities. Mint-2-Earn was a utility awarded to everyone who participated in the initial Baby Almighty Alpaca mint. This utility grants minters 20% of the royalties in perpetuity on their alpaca. For those who did not mint a Baby Almighty Alpaca, there is still Hold-2-Earn. For each week you hold an Almighty Alpaca, you earn 1% of the royalties generated, up to 80% of the total royalties. These utilities are already paying out significantly to early adopters!

Our homegrown marketplace features the best trading experience for all DeFi Land NFTs. The stats of our NFTs truly matter, and there is no better way to visualize the rarity, stats, and attributes than through our “trading card” interface. Easily sort and track down your desired NFTs in both $DFL and $SOL.

Gen-0 NFTs and Almighty Alpacas are also available on all leading NFT platforms: Tensor || Magic Eden

A New Era for the $DFL Token

November 22nd, 2023 was a date many DeFi Landers had on their calendars. It was not because of a new release or upgrade to the game, but because this was the final VC unlock of the $DFL token. Now that we are free from the quarterly selling pressure of “bad actor” VCs, we see this as a new opportunity for our token to discover a fair price. Apparently, the market feels the same way:

The comeback of $DFL

$DFL is the heart of the DeFi Land economy, with an abundance of use-cases and carefully monitored tokenomics. The $DFL token powers not only the DeFi Land web game, but the entire ecosystem under our portfolio. Alpaca Dash, DeFi Land mobile, and all future projects will include $DFL as a staple in their economy. Here are the current use-cases for both our $DFL and $GOLDY tokens:

Current and planned use-cases

Our Long-term Vision for the Ecosystem

We are departing from the bear market as an ecosystem, with valuable assets ranging from gaming to entertainment IP. This portfolio will fall under the umbrella of Kind Knight studio, a name fitting for our adventures in making the world a better and brighter place. In this ecosystem you can expect:

  • DeFi Land Mobile is a top priority for early 2024 and beyond. We are showcasing beautiful visuals and soundtracks, alongside smooth gameplay, to create a game that will be at the forefront of all mobile games. DeFi Land mobile will launch as an idle game where you can grow and customize your farm. Then it will expand to handle crypto transactions and utility for your Gen-0 NFTs and future collections.
  • Entertainment: The island of DeFi Land is steeped in a deep lore that tells the tale of decentralization, virtue, and changing the world. This story is told through a manga that we have kept under wraps for a while, and are planning to release in early 2024. On the other hand, the IP of Almighty Alpacas can be used for animations catered to a broad audience. These silly creatures are already becoming popular on YouTube shorts and we are exploring a range of products like plushies and toys.
  • Hyper-casual Gaming: We are set to be at the forefront of hyper-casual gaming when crypto breaks into mobile. DeFi Land mobile will be our premier mobile game, but we are planning a collection of hyper-casual games that are available on iOS, android, and (especially!) xNFT. Alpaca Run (available now on xNFT) is a great example of our ability to hack together games for casual fun.
  • Community and Partnerships: We are building the tools of the future and will continue to use our progress to support our partners in the community. You can expect loads of partnerships in the near future, including Kamino Finance, Mad Lads, and Dr!p, We will also do everything we can to support you, our family of supporters who keep us motivated every day.
  • Education: DeFi Land serves as one of the most frictionless on-ramps to learning the value of DeFi and blockchain applications. We will continue to emphasize the importance of education as we onboard the masses, by incorporating articles, quizzes, and info-graphics into our games. Check out our current library of educational resources here.

And For Those Who Never Left Our Side…

We could not have made it this far without the undying support of our community. We are eternally grateful to those who never missed a weekly Farmer’s Hall and gave us a reason to continue building through the toughest challenges of the bear market. Thank you to all of you who show us what it means to be a true DeFi Lander. The best chapter starts here.

Want to Learn More About DeFi Land?

DeFi Land is one of the OG Solana projects, with awards and seed funding dating back to 2021. We have a proven track record of delivering the very best in GameFi. Our mission is to make it simple and easy for anyone to take part in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto.

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